Kidnapped Methodist Prelate: Treat, Priest’s, CSP Johnbull’s Confessions Against Military With Priority, FENRAD Cries Out

Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy and Development, FENRAD
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Kidnapped Methodist Prelate: Treat, Priest’s, CSP Johnbull’s Confessions Against Military With Priority, FENRAD Cries Out

Press Release…

“Are the Revelations by made by Methodist Church Prelate, CSP John bull Obiorugo pointer to something we dont Know? FENRAD Queries”

Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy and Development, FENRAD a pro-democracy and environmental rights advocacy group, having obtained, reviewed and analysed two explicit video materials where the Prelate of the Methodist Church and certain CSP Johnbull Obiorugo made revelations that suggest the Nigeria Army is complicit in the spate of kidnap-for-ransom common in the Southeast region now wishes to remind the military that time now is for it come clean before Nigerian citizens in the face of two weighty allegations levelled against its institution by a kidnap victim (survivor) and law enforcement officer, CSP Johnbull Obiorugo.

FENRAD raises concern about how in spite of heavy military presence and formations stationed around the Lokpanta, Arondizogu, Leru, Uturu and Okigwe axes kidnap of citizens continues to happen repeatedly. FENRAD in former release once raised concern over this same matter last year during which time students of Abia State University were kidnapped frequently by persons said to be Fulani herders.

The revelation by the bishop should not be treated as the complaint of a blabbermouth but one which should allow the military to examine its ranks, using adequate intelligence, in order to know whether the said allegation is substantial or otherwise. FENRAD also believes that as the commander of the police special unit, Rapid Response Squad, RSS, CSP Johnbull Obiorugo’s address before a mob in Umunnochi LGA of Abia State should be given priority attention since the CSP is in a better position to tell whether or not there have been challenges encountered by men and officers of his formation in attempt to arrest alleged Fulani kidnappers.

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Even though FENRAD doesn’t believe in latrine rumour or any other such gossip that seeks to denigrate the Nigerian army in its campaign against terror, two questions abound to wit: are there military formations close to the affected communities? Have the said communities been witnessing kidnap regardless of military presence?

The fragile security situation in the Southeast is a thing of worry already and needs no further escalation, FENRAD believes. Again, releases, such as that from the army telling the public about its modus operandi in deployment of troops without ethnic bias and consideration may not be nonideal but never better than investigation of the claims seen in the two video materials. This is the best professional way to boost public trust in the military of a country where citizens had once woken up to the news of invasion of premium academic institution of the same military by non-state actors.

Nigerian army should understand that it is a creation of the law and belongs to the people. A situation like this should be a wake-up call for it to up its game. FENRAD recalls how for loss of confidence in the military youth in Uturu staged a protest calling for removal of military checkpoints and formations in their land as such presence has not ended crime.

Finally, FENRAD wishes to remind Abia State and federal governments that the primary duty of any entity deserving of the name is ensuring the ‘security and welfare of citizens’. Any government that fails to live up to that mandate does not only fail its people but international standards as protection of lives and property remains one of the “duties of a state.” Equally does FENRAD call on traditional rulers, locals, Fulani settlers, law enforcement agencies and civil society groups to work assiduously and combinedly for a better result; kind that guarantees a win-win for all. It is imperative to remind Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Ph.D, at this juncture, the need to engage community leaders of some of the mentioned areas, leaders of Lokpanta Fulani settler encampment and the heads various security agencies in his state, else his claim of having provided statewide security would go as a hollow claim.

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So far, Umunnochi LGA of Abia State, Arondizogu in Imo State, Leru, Uturu, Okigwe and other such boundary communities in Abia State have become axes of evil, flashpoints of kidnap by alleged Fulani herders.

Again, FENRAD calls on Nigeria Army to investigate the claims that its men and officers are in cahoots with kidnappers in Umunneochi LGA and also on the police to also investigate the statement credited to its officer rather than resort to ‘disciplinary measure.’ The abduction of the Prelate and his co-travellers should be the last straw.

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Head Corporate Accountability and Human Rights Enforcement

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