MARCH 18: Vote Competence, Shun violence, Thuggery, AUP President, Prince Innocent Urges Ikwuano Youths

Prince Innocent Iroabuchi Elogu, the President Ariam Usaka Professionals, AUP and chairman, and Chairman, Logus Investment Ltd.
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Rev. (Dr.) Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu

MARCH 18: Vote Competence, Shun violence, Thuggery, AUP President, Prince Innocent Urges Ikwuano Youths



By Charity Uwakwe


The president of Ariam-Usaka professionals, Prince Innocent Iroabuchi Eleogu has enjoined the people of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State to ensure they vote only competent candidates who would be held responsible and accountable.



As various political parties across the states and nation bustle with activities in preparation for the March 18 Governorship and House of Assembly elections, the president of Ariam-Usaka Professionals, Prince Innocent Eleogu has urged the people of Ikwuano, particularly the youths, to eschew violence and thuggery in the course of the exercise.



Prince innocent stated this during an interactive session with, today, March 16, stating that, “power is given by God and only God has the capacity to choose who will represent the people at all levels.”

The renowned Prince and Chairman, Logus Investment Ltd. enjoined parents to advice their children on the need to maintain peace and orderliness during the exercise at the various Polling Units (PU’s) across the states, stressing that “there is always life after elections.


“I have always been a proponent of peace, tranquility and adherence to Law and Order, especially in political dispensations. And this I’ve over the years, always tried to impact on my fellow youths. So, I advise that the youths of Ikwuano ensure that no politician uses them as thugs. This I say because most of our politicians have their children outside the country where they live very comfortably; those politicians can never stake the lives of their children nor their family members, so, I don’t understand why a sound minded youth would allow himself be used as a thug to disrupt the electoral process.


“Some of these politicians are very selfish; they don’t care about you. So, if anything happens to you while trying to protect their selfish interest, you are gone and that is just the end of story. All they may do is come sympathise with your family, compensate them, (which they rarely do), and of course, that is not worth anyone’s life. I must state here that this election slated for Saturday is not worth anyone’s life, so let no one should stake his life because he wants to appease one politician out there who doesn’t even care about his welfare.


“Secondly, I want to advice our youths not to make enemies for themselves all in the name of projecting a particular candidate. Honestly, these politicians have a way of coming back to reconcile amongst themselves, long after you’re out of sight. So, if you try to involve carelessly in their fights, in the end, you’ll be seen as the enemy, as the bad egg, whereas you thought you were doing it in someone’s interest” he said.


Furthermore, he advised the people to ensure they vote only competent candidates for the governorship and legislative positions of the State, insisting that “only a candidate who feels and understands the yearnings of the people must be elected.


“So my advice to the youth of our community is that they should come out en mass, vote their choice of candidate, while allowing your conscience as a guide, and not be bought over. Remember, four thousand naira given to you today by a politician can never sustain you for the next four years. So, you have to be very careful in choosing who will represent us both in State and House of Assembly and at the State level. I am certain that we have candidates from Oloko, from oboro and ibere.


“Evidently those of us in Ariam-Usaka did not produce any candidate, because we believe it is the turn of oloko to produce a house of Assembly member. So, I am calling on them to make the right choice.


“And finally, I want the candidates to equally understand that, like I said earlier, there’s life after elections; caution should be applied.

So, if at the end of the election you fail, embrace the spirit of sportsmanship, knowing that everything is geared towards protecting the interest of Ikwuano.


He used the medium to advice various political parties to ensure the vote of the electorates count, noting that “they should not give in to vote buying or rewriting of results so that because, Abia

will be better as it is called God’s own state, let us endeavour to live up to what we are called.









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