Don’t accept every advice, suggestions, Ibeku Son, Onyemaechi urges Otti…Says Otti must learn from Ikpeazu’s predicament

Dr. Alex Otti
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Don’t take every advice, suggestions, Ibeku Son, Onyemaechi urges Otti
…Says Otti must learn from Ikpeazu’s predicament

The President-general of Ibeku Egwe-asaa, High Chief Jerry Onyemaechi has advised the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti not to gulp in every advice tendered to him tendered to him by his subordinates but always endeavour to conduct adequate scrutiny.

The proud son of Ibeku land stated this, during a Media interface with some journalists, in Umuahia, the State’s capital, over the week, insisting that suggestions in the form of advice, whatsoever geared towards the affairs of the State ought to be properly evaluated by the Governor before such could be implemented.

“It is not every advice or suggestion given to him by his subject that he should implement. As a leader, he is supposed to sieve every suggestion, ideas and whatever that somebody or his people or his party members may give him.”

The adent member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, stated point-blank that the past administration of his party under Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, dragged both the party and the State through the mud, hence its glaring downfall.

He wailed that the party dashed the hope of her members whose anticipations, he said, were to have benefitted from the former but regretted that contrary to their expectations, only the lots of a few members of the party, as well as a selected segment of the State were made better by the PDP led government.

Onyemaechi amidst utter elation, thanked God for rescuing Abia State from the PDP, as he described the March 18 governorship election as a protest vote against a protracted dehumanisation of the masses.

“By the grace of God I am a PDP member and I want to tell you without any fear of contradiction that our PDP did not do well. PDP is supposed to be a party in which every member will benefit but the benefits of PDP went to a particular area of the State, we were not happy.

“What happened in the last governorship election was protest vote because what happened in Abia even a blind man could see it, God has saved Abia by removing my party PDP from the governance of this state. I worked for Alex Otti and his candidate also the Ugolee. Of course, all of us are from Ibeku, I thank God that things made out the way it did by bringing Labour Party into the governance of this State.”

“Now, Governor Otti is an Abian and knew what happened in this state in the past 8 years. So, if there is an area Governor Okezie Ikpeazu did not perform well, let him make it better. If there is any place Okezie Ikpeazu performed better let him make it best. For instance, in terms of salary arrears, I don’t know whether they paid gratuity in this state but that of salary, he has started but pensioners I have not heard anything about their pension. (“asi na o na o bu eme nwa ka esi mee ibe ya, o na adi ya obi mma”). Some civil servant if not all have received is it may/June salary maybe pensioners are yet to get their own alert so am urging the governor Alex Chioma Otti to look into if they are people that were supposed to be paid it should be pensioners. If Otti can look into this and make right adjustments, the sky would be his limit in this State. Then, after 8 years, we will all support him to go for senate.

“People who did not perform well, Orji Uzor ruled this state after governing this state he went for senatorial seat and he got it. T.A Orji equally he got it then why didn’t Ikpeazu win his election is not shameful that a sitting governor contested election and finished third not even second finished third. that would tell you that the people’s mind and what ever about him, what people feel about him they exhibited during this election.

“So, to Alex Otti, what happened to Ikpeazu should be a very big lesson to him, if he wants to go to senate let him prepare his ground now because not all of us would die before that time, people are here and what ever that happens here there are people that take note, time has gone when we vote party, we vote credibility now and individuals.

The former principal of Government College, Umuahia who applauded Otti for deeming it necessary to constitute a Panel of Inquiry, an institution whose duty is to bring to pay the perceived corrupt practices of the State in the previous administration, with the sole aim of recovering every looted government’s and public’s funds and property.

Hear him: “He has started very well by instituting a panel of inquiry to investigate what has happened in last administration of Abia State. You can now sample opinion of people, they praise him for doing that and let him not go back from what he has started and of course I have a very strong support and confidence in the individuals that made up the judicial panel of inquiry. They will not disappoint us. Now, what I want to advise is that the Judicial Panel of Inquiry should treat and handle the assignment with merit, let them not be biased.

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