2023: Oloko, Ariam-Usaka Endorse LP’s Otti, Aguocha (See Videos)  *Weep no more, Light has come Oloko, Ariam Told *We’re entering a covenant with you- PG Uzondu  

Dr. Alex Otti, (3L); High Chief Obi Aguocha, (5L); Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzomdu, (1R), flanked by party members, as the traditional and other Community leaders pray for Labour Party candidates.
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2023: Oloko, Ariam-Usaka Endorse LP’s Otti, Aguocha (See Videos)

*Weep no more, Light has come Oloko, Ariam Told

*We’re entering a covenant with you- PG Uzondu



By Charity Uwakwe


It was remarkably, a celebration galore, as the campaign train of Labour Party’s Governorship and Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency candidates, Dr. Alex Otti and High Chief Obi Aguocha, respectively, stormed the famous Oloko Central School, in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State.


Famousreporters.com reports that all roads led to the prestigious Primary School, as the entire Oloko clan, comprising Oloko Proper, Azuiyi, Umugo, Ahaba, Nchara and Amizi, in conjunction with the traditional rulers and President-generals unanimously, endorsed the candidacy of Otti and Aguocha in the February 25 general election.


The Community, while praying for protection, preservation and a resounding victory of the duo of Otti and Aguocha, also adopted the candidate for Ikwuano State Constituency, Hon. Boniface Isienyi.

Moreso, they reiterated their relentless commitment towards ensuring that the presidential candidate, Dr. Peter Obi emerged, by giving the party their bulk votes during the exercise.


Addressing the mammoth crowd, LP’s Governorship candidate, Otti thanked God immensely for the gift of life and preservation, recalling how he, alongside the people of good conscience in the State had fought for the liberation of Abia State, during the gubernatorial election held in the year 2015.

Dr. Alex Otti, (3L); High Chief Obi Aguocha, (5L); Hon. Boniface Isienyi (4L); Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzondu, (1R), Hon. Obioma (aka. Chomen), (1L), flanked by leaders and traditional rulers of Oloko clan.
Dr. Alex Otti, (3L); High Chief Obi Aguocha, (5L); Hon. Boniface Isienyi (4L); Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzondu, (1R), Hon. Obioma (aka. Chomen), (1L), flanked by leaders and traditional rulers of Oloko clan.


“We thank God for keeping us all alive up until this day, you knew how we fought in 2015. If our lives were in the hands of men, we wouldn’t have been alive up until this day but God didn’t approve of it. All of their attempts to kill themselves and not me, failed and they will continue to fail and it it’s their portion. Whoever that wishes you dead shall kill himself.


“If you have been feeling sad, begin now to rejoice; if you have been crying, wipe your tears, because God knows all. Most a time, if you fight and emerge victorious, God could decide to keep you in his waiting room for some reason. So, it’s self-explanatory to me that, what had happened in 2015 was God’s will. God wanted us to be patient and if we had gone ahead to kill ourselves, we wouldn’t be here today. So, a traveler would continue to journey up until he reaches his destination and that’s why we’re here today”, he encouraged.IMG20230120165203

Dr. Alex Otti surrounded by teaming supporters

The renowned Economist, who amidst optimism, boasted that his administration would last for eight (8) years, described road construction and maintenance as the flimsiest project that could be undertaken by “any serious Government”.


He assured that his administration would not only rehabilitate the entire State, but also make it ‘a second to none’ among other sister States, stressing that his determination to lead the State is driven by his zeal to give the State a facelift and to conduct a thorough poverty eradication from among the masses.

“Road construction/rehabilitation is the smallest thing a serious government will do. After my eight years administration, no one would recognise Abia State anymore. That’s why we have come out; we’re not seeking anything. Majority of you who know me are aware that I’m not seeking wealth because frankly, I’m already blessed of the Lord.

From (1R): High Chief Obi Aguocha, Hon. Obioma Chomen, Dr. Alex Otti.
From (1R): High Chief Obi Aguocha, Hon. Obioma Chomen, Dr. Alex Otti.


“When God blesses you, he does that in order for you to be a source of blessing to others. We do not need money to train our children or solve some family issues because God has already blessed us bountifully. We rather wait to use the money in the State to change better your life. We don’t have any personal problem at all, rather our problem is you; to rescue you from poverty”, he added.

A cross section of members of Labour Party
A cross section of members of Labour Party



Addressing the people, Aguocha condemned in totality, the age long subjugation and victimisation of the people of Ikwuano by their Umuahia counterparts.


The former President-general of Ohuhu Development Union expressed acrimony over the rate their Umuahia opponents whom he described as “the oppressors” of the Council amassed wealth and confiscated government projects and funds, to the detriment of Ikwuano.

High Chief Obi Aguocha

Lamenting, he said:

“We once had a local government called Ikwuano/Umuahia which was eventually split into three: Ikwuano has one while Umuahia has two. That same local government has five State Constituencies, Ikwuano has one while Umuahia has four; it has 32 INEC Wards, Ikwuano has just 10 whereas Umuahia has 22. That same local government also has six functional Commissioners, Ikwuano has one, Umuahia has five. And in the current Abia State budget, of 32 stipulated projects, Ikwuano has just five whereas has 27.

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“Beginning from Ariam to Umuariaga there’s no any Government hospital but now we say to you, weep no more, Dr. Alex is coming. And when I get to thep National Assembly, I shall be the best advocate you have ever had; I shall be the voice of Ikwuwano/ Umuahia and Ndigbo in general. I shall ensure through Dr. Alex that Ikwuano is split into two local governments because you are over populated; there will be Ikwuano North and South and by so doing, you would have two representatives at the State House and a Federal Legislator.


The Ugwumabiri Umuahia urge the people to unalloyedly support the party, describing same as the only key to salvage their penurious condition, when they emerge.



“I urge you to stick to us in Labour Party because we are the only Party that has salvation for the people of Ikwuano and the entire Abia State.



Responding on behalf of the community, the President-General of Oloko Clan, Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzondu, while declaring their unflinching support for the party, stated blankly that “we’re entering a covenant with you here today.


Dr. Uzondu recounted that Oloko was during the era of the Colonial Masters, a prominent seat of government but decried the rate of humiliation and oppression as inflicted on the people by their Umuahia counterparts over the years.

Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzondu
Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzondu

Also, he lamented that the famous Court otherwise known as Ntugbu had gone moribund due to what he described as “obvious negligence” of both past and present Governments, coupled with inefficient representation which he wailed had crippled the area.


“In 1904, the Colonial Government set up a Court in Oloko, in 1929, as far back as those years, Oloko had seen light. We had a member of the House in 1966. So, coming to see Oloko in this miserable state, is a shame.


“It’s now I want to ask my question; I’m not a politician, I’ve never been, many people don’t know me because I’m not into politics even as the President-General of Ikwuano, I do my work quietly and don’t make noise. But, I am standing here today to enter into a covenant with you on behalf of Ndi Oloko.


“If the people of Oloko endorse you with your team, will you do something about that court? That’s the only question.”


Meanwhile, famousreporters.com reports that the question which presented by the IDU president-general, which he evidently directed to the candidates was met with a warm embrace, as they were assured of notable infrastructural rehabilitation, as well as massive employment opportunities for the teaming youths.




In a related development, Alex Otti thanked the people of Ariam-Usaka for their unflinching confidence in him and his team over the years.


“In this dispensation, K.C. Ugboaja was very supportive but little did we know that he would not be here again with us. I thank you for your support in 2015 and I also that you will support us again this time.


“I’ve told my D.G that as soon as we are sworn in, we shall commence the rehabilitation of your roads; secondly, latest by the 31st December of this year, we shall clear all backlogs of payment both for pensioners and civil servants; we also want to set up a cooperative society for Ariam Usaka, one for the women and another for the youths.


“Before the election, pick your forms from your Executives so that we can empower you with those money that were being stolen initially and after a period of one year, you return the same amount of money given to you to boost your business without interest.

“We know there’s no hospital here, but government shall build a hospital for you.


“I know you have suffered but just a few more months, everything will change. It shall be well with you at all times


Furthermore, the foremost guber candidate pledged to offset the outstanding salaries and gratuities of Abians, saying;

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“I shall pay your areas of salaries in 100 days. You knew how we fought in 2015 and all their attempts to assassinate themselves have failed. If you ain’t happy, begin to rejoice now for nothing takes God at unawares. I’m certain that whatever happened in 2015 was in line with God’s plan.


“What we want to do is to develop our communities. Road rehabilitation is the smallest thing any Government will do for the people. After eight years, no one will recognise Abia State. You all know that I’m not coming for wealth because I’m already blessed. We have a problem and the problem is to give you a better life. I want your children to enjoy same opportunity as I did. I want them to attend the best Schools in the world.


“That same party that has held us down over the years, they’re still the same persons scattered all over the parties. Do not be deceived, collect the money, enjoy it, it’s your money.


“I’ve been the only one who has been keeping the State under pressure. 2023 will be a better year for us all. It shall be well with us all”, he assured.


A cross section of members of Oloko Community.
A cross section of members of Oloko Community.

Earlier, Obi Aguocha, while reiterating his readiness alleviate the suffering of the people of Ariam and Ikwuano in general with focus on the repair of the decayed infrastructure, while also appealing to the people of Ariam-Usaka to obtain their PVCs and ensure that they vote massively for the party.


“This election is very important to you particularly in ensuring that you feel a fresh breathe in governance. There’s money in the State and Labour Party has come out to utilise this money to develop the State and better the lots of the people.”


Corroborating, Isienyi, the candidate for Ikwuano State Constituency appealed to the people of Ariam-Usaka not to betray the trust of the party on the ‘D’ day but endeavour to cast their votes in favour of the party.


Hear him: “PDP has failed Ariam-Usaka, they have failed Ikwuano. You’re a Community who stand with one voice, if you vote in Labour Party at all levels, your lives will not remain the same.


“The ring roads in Ariam-Usaka will be completed, the erosion sites will be taken care of effectively. So, I plead with you to graciously give your bulk vote to Labour Party so we can effectively change the narrative”, he pleaded.



Responding, Hon. Chief Charles Ugboaja of Ariam-Usaka has this to say: “today I know you all are surprised to see me still in Nigeria up until today. Yes, I’m here because I want to be among those who would displace PDP with a better option, Labour. We need to effect a positive change in the State. For the past 24 years we have been begging them to fix our roads. Will anything stop you from voting for just Labour Party all through.” Do not be afraid of anything. Do not be deterred by their threat, be resolute and determined. Do not look at any other emblems. We shall give them our bulk votes. If you vote Labour Party, you did it for K. C. Ugboaja, in blessed memory.


Also, Chief Ikechukwu Owebe, the Director-General of the campaign organization in Ikwuano has this to say: “Our major problem in Ariam and Ikwuano generally is poor road. Remember, this road construction that was facilitated by K. C. Ugboaja. If we vote Alex Otti whose Director General of his campaign organizations is Chomen, that means all our roads shall be fully rehabilitated.


Similarly, the Assistant President-General said, “Labour Party is the only party that can bring development to Ariam-Usaka. We’re solidly behind you. Our votes shall be given to you in bulk. You have our full support.


Meanwhile, among dignitaries present at the event were; Chief Acho Obioma, the Director-gemeral of Alex Otti Campaign Organisation,

Nelson Ehiemere, Abia Arise Coordinator, Comrd. Anthony, Hon. Charles Ugboaja, Hon. Chief Henry Eleogu, Chief Henry Nkoulo, etc.


Highlights of the occasions was an earnest prayer which was said on behalf of the candidates by Dr. Uzondu, alongside the traditional rulers and some of the leaders of Oloko Community.

Dr. Alex Otti, (3L); High Chief Obi Aguocha, (5L); Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzomdu, (1R), flanked by party members, as the traditional and other Community leaders pray for Labour Party candidates.
Dr. Alex Otti, (3L); High Chief Obi Aguocha, (5L); Dr. Anyadiegwu Charles Uzomdu, (1R), flanked by party members, as the traditional and other Community leaders pray for Labour Party candidates.

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By Famous Reporters

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