Chief Dr Emeka Kalu: What You Need To Know About Okpata Ozuora 1 Na Nibo.

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, Okpata Ozuora 1 Na Nibo.
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The Chieftency Conferment of OKPATA OZUORA 1 NA NIBO on Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, is the result of hard work, efforts and a fearless spirit. It is a title well-deserved and it will always remind him of his dedication to keep giving his best, always.
The path to success is always tough and those who are ready to take challenges and have courage to win over it, only they are awarded for these achievements.

Chief Dr Emeka Charles Kalu, has over the time, proven to be a perfect example of how humanity should help each other by using his resources, wealth and energy to advance the cause of others for a better society. That labour of love has not gone unnoticed, hence his recorgintion by HRM Eze Ugonwanne (Dr) Sir M. C. NGENE, Ezeike IV Nibo, which is well deserved.

The man, EMEKA CHARLES KALU’s Profile:

Born in Amaogwu Community, Bende L.G.A, Abia State. He attended Central School, Amaogwu​​​​ where he obtained his FSLC, and WAEC at Methodist College, Uzoakoli,​​​ Abia State.

Dr. Emeka Kalu proceeded to Federal Polytechnic, Oko,​​​​ Anambra State where he obtained OND in Town and Regional Planning. His penchant for academic excellence took him to University of Phoenix in United States of America where he bagged hsi ​​​​B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.


Emeka Kalu has 12 years cognate experience in industrial handlings having established STERCOLL GROUP, USA of which he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With garnered wealth of experience in managing companies and other allied firms. The company have been providing technical, medical, managerial and other professional engineering guides to offshore oil drilling, servicing and piping companies across the globe using their highly trained expatriates.

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He has Hligh profile knowledge in electricity support training, installation and programming using high quality marine electrical components for safety, reliability and performance. This area of operation is being carried out under the international blue sea system in maritime safety management which stands him out.
Kalu has attained the height of knowledge in environmental impact assessment (EIA), Ocean transport/diving in total compliance with local content agenda of the Nigeria government.


His focus has always anchored on bringing in reliable ideas and basic mental tools needed in raising strong organizational chart standard for productivity through hierarchy definition, job allotment, supervision and operational guidance.

On target towards providing a level playing ground through which workforce can be viably transformed, improved on and boosted for potential increase in output, revenue generation, mobilization, utilization and service accountability whose economic purpose is to attract optimum results and customer service satisfaction.

On target towards injecting ideas capable of advancing an organization using state-of-the-art technology which in turn breeds faster handlings and implementation of projects for maximum result actualization.


Under his watch as the Director- General of GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE (GIGG), greater contributions and positive changes have been made through his unalloyed commitment in publishing confronting articles against corruption, all forms of graft activities and other challenges plaguing the government of the day irrespective of party affiliation or ethic sentiment. He is poised to continue to support a government capable of eliminating monumental corruption and the bad egg sydrome of under development from all nooks and crannies of our political society.

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As an advocate of global peace, security and good governance in public sectors, Chief Emeka Kalu’s media intervention, granted seminars and other recommendations have in no small measures unveiled the social and economic implications of abuse of offices not only in Nigeria but the entire world and in diaspora.
He has continuously supported a government of national unity ready to galvanize and re-integrate all ethic blocs, strengthen national peace & security and above all activate plans to revive, re-energize and resuscitate the crumbling economy for a better and productive tomorrow.


In strengthening Humanity by providing care and support to those in need, ECK Foundation has ultimate belief in the power of unity and collaboration in building supportive networks to complement humanitarian efforts and build resilience at all levels.
It’s mission focuses on working hand in hand with both international and local humanitarian organizations around the world to strengthen human relationships, and provide care and support for those in need, to reach out to the unreached and advance the contours of human life and well-being. These and more are the motivating factors for establiing this foundation which has gained acceptance.

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