Discover Yourself, Pay Attention To Your Inner Beauty, Relationship Therapist, Richie Advises Single Ladies (Photos +Videos ) …A must read!!

Richy Andrew, a relationship therapist and famous matchmaker on tiktok.
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Discover Yourself, Pay Attention To Your Inner Beauty, Relationship Therapist, Richie Advises Single Ladies
…A must read!!

A relationship therapist and matchmaker, Richy Andrew has advised single ladies who are searching for their missing ribs to rather devote more time in building themselves other than sitting and waiting anticipatingly to find the best man.

The reputable businessman stated this in an exclusive interview with, weekend, stressing that ladies who have attained marital age should endeavour to discover themselves and at the same time hope to find their God ordained man.

The intellectual relationship builder maintained that paying a close attention to one’s inner beauty as a woman and improving on same would go a long way in paving the way for her to attract the right suitor.

He wailed that there are innumerable records of broken homes which he regretted was consequent upon the failure of most individuals to pay trivialise vital aspects of their relationships during courtship, before delving into marriage.

Here is the excerpt from the interview:

FR: Please , sir, kindly tell us who you are.

RS: I am a businessman and also a matchmaker on TikTok.

FR: Please, could you tell us what Richie Singles is about

RS: Richysingles (RS) is all about bringing two mature minds who are single and of equal interest together for a better relationship which eventually and definitely will lead to marriage.

FR: Could you tell us what inspired you to delve into this business of bringing single men and women together with a purpose of setting up a home?

RS: As a young boy growing up, I always wanted to see people happy and create great bonds between each other and I feel the only way to achieve that is by doing the little I can to assist people in finding love and support each other emotionally. My greatest drive was when I lost the first woman I ever loved, the pains up until date is something I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through.

FR: What is your definition of marriage and what is the appropriate age for a man/woman to begin to think about marriage?

RS: Marriage for me, is a way of life, growing together with someone in agreement sharing a common goal of being together till the end of time regardless their position or age or class. Talking about age, only experiences can make one mature enough for marriage as it may mean different things to different people

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FR: All over the world, sir, there are series of cases of breakups in marriages, could you kindly tell us, in your own view, what you think could be the cause of broken homes and what solution, as a relationship expert, can you proffer, sir?

RS: Yes. it’s no news there are Brocken marriages everywhere.and this is because most people no longer pay attention to the things that matter before marriage. A strong relationship is not one that can give all you need but one that can give you all you deserve. People should learn to work on themselves more before engaging in marital relationships.

FR: Statistically, sir, it is believed that the population of single ladies is far higher than that of the men. What’s your take on that, sir? What do you think could be the actual cause of this huge discrepancy in the numbers?

RS: All over the world, there are more women than men in some countries. It’s a “MUST” that a man marries more than one woman. In Africa, it’s not a crime for a man to take more as many wives as he desires and is capable of catering for, whereas the reverse is the case for the women folk hence a woman is strictly entitled to just one man. Although in some African countries practice what we call polyandry.

Polyandry is a form of polygamy in which a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time but. So, it’s natural that we have more women than men

FR: As a matchmaker, sir, what do you think is the greatest problem of African ladies both in marriages and in finding suitable life partners?

Most women fail to discover who they really are and before finding or looking for a relationship. This is where most of our ladies always get it wrong because they fail to pay attention to the right things but tend to focus only their own selfish emotions.

FR: What possible, lasting solution can you provide to reduce the rate of marital, relationship breakups and divorce?

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RS: I candidly advise women to always pick someone who truly wants you from the start and not just who you want. Our women should learn to understand that it is the duty of the man to love them and it’s their duty to respect the man not the other way round . Don’t force yourself to belong where you don’t fit in from the start. This has always been my sermon whenever I am opportuned to counsel our ladies.

FR: So you enjoy the job of bringing strangers together and them suddenly becoming one body and what is your greatest joy?

RS: Knowing that through me GOD made it possible to unite some persons is really fulfilling. So, to me, it is a mission accomplished and that is always my greatest joy.

FR: How do you feel when your efforts to establish a relationship fails and how do you also feel when it works out?

RS: Whenever it seems like my efforts have proven futile, I consider it a lesson. So, what I usually do in this kind of situation is, I get to learn why and improve on it with someone else and when it works it’s a blessing.

FR: What specific advice would you like to tender to single ladies who are really in need of life partners after series of failed relationships?

RS: Build yourself first; don’t hope to find the best man but hope to find your own man. Pay close attention to your inner beauty as a woman and improve on it.

FR: Are you married, sir? If yes, how do you manage your marital crisis and if no, where do you garner your wealth of knowledge, with which you fix other people’s relationship, sir?

RS: I am not married yet . And my knowledge is tag to my passion for wanting to always see people build successful relationships and marriages.

FR: Finally, sir, what is your candid advice for the male folk as regards their relationships with the female folk?

RS: Well, like I always say; Womwn deserve some respect. So, my advice for our men is that women are not toys to play around with. Rather women are mothers and they should be respected and encouraged by their male counterparts.

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