At 31: Abia Not Comparably Effective With Her Mates… Eze Ibezim *Abia is affected by absence of Industries… Eze Onuigbo

Eze John Ibezim
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At 31: Abia Not Comparably Effective With Her Mates… Eze Ibezim                                              *Abia is affected by absence of Industries… Eze Onuigbo


HRM, Eze John Ibezim 1 of Amuzukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, the Chairman, Umuahia North Council of traditional rulers has passed a vote of no confidence in Abia State, saying it is gravely lagging behind.

Eze Ibezim lamented that the nail-pace movement of the State as regards development was not proportional to her whopping 31-years of existence.

The traditional ruler of Amuzukwu Ibeku who decried the poor condition of things in Abia, regretted that the state was glaringly deficient particularly when compared to her other sister-state alongside who it was created.

The concerned custodian of authority who expressed dissatisfaction with the seemingly dilapidated state of things in the state, during an exclusive interview with, explained that the state was in dire need for a revamp, insisting that so much is still left undone by the government of day.

“So much is expected. After all, when you want to compare progress, naturally and in our native custom, you use the phrase ‘your mates’. Your have done this, your mates have done that. So, that’s the basis of our classification. So, we ask, “Abia how old are you; which other states were created alongside with you?” Then you now begin to look into those states and see how comparably effective Abia is.

On his opinion as it pertains to the alleged retrogressive condition of the state, Eze Ibezim, emphatically said, “Yes, I believe so. I believe that it’s not moving with time.”

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Eze John Ibezim
Eze John Ibezim

However, he used the medium to reiterate his anticipations as it regards the forthcoming 2023 election, as he as advised the electorates to cast their votes wisely, while expressing utter hope in the state ushering in a new government.

“Well, this Government is ending, maybe we’ll get a new one who will take care of whatever the problems are.”

On whether he still had confidence in the ruling PDP party in the state, he said: “All I want is let us have a good government that will make us hopeful.


Also speakimg, HRH, Eze  Paul Bulus Onuigbo Uzuegbu, Achiuga 11 of Okaiga Nkwuoegwu autonomous Community expressed immense joy over the number of years the state has attained.

He said: “I am very very happy that one year ago we precise that 27 day of August, I was a sole contractor to Julius Berger and we were busy at one of the sites. Honestly, on that day, we all were waiting for that announcement to see if Abia will be mentioned or not; I, late Dr. Law Ezeta of Imo State and the living Engineer Nduka Akobundu of Umuopara in Amankwo. We are waiting and we threatened to break the screen at the club if Abia state was not created and the clock, but finally, we were happy that it was done.

Speaking further, he said: “The creation of Abia State made me eave Kano and return here and Abia is growing more than I met it and is going to grow more.

HRH, Eze Paul Bulus Onuigbo Uzoebu
HRH, Eze Paul Bulus Onuigbo Uzuegbu

Eze Onuigbo who is the current Deputy Chairman Umuahia North Council of Traditional Rulers, however, expressed regrets over the obvious absence of Industries in the State, stating that industrializing Abia would help curtail the level of unemployment among the teaming youths, thereby curbing the rate of crimes and criminalities.

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He, therefore, used the medium to passionately appeal to Abians all over the world to consider investing in the State.

“I am satisfied that there’s peace in the state, but I am not fully satisfied. I am not satisfied that our business people are not coming home to invest their Industries here because if they do that here it will create job opportunities and that can help in checking criminality. I am appealing to our people to come home and invest. I myself, I have been given a license by the federal government to operate a dry port here and I have also built it, so that’s my own contribution. Am not asking everybody to transfer all their business here, but I transferred mine business from kano to umuahia and now am happy growing with it”, he boasted.

In his views, HRM, Eze Pst. Amb. Philip Ajomiwe, former Chairman, Umuahia North Council of traditional rulers and member Abia council of traditional rulers blamed the seemingly stagnant condition of Abia on the foundation on which the state was laid.

HRM Eze Pst. Amb. Philip Ajomiwe, Ndu (1) of Oriendu Autonomous Community, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State.
HRM Eze Pst. Amb. Philip Ajomiwe, Ndu (1) of Oriendu Autonomous Community, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State.

He, however, commended the present administration of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu for the efforts exerted in advancing the State.

“Well Abia at 31, from the foundation has not done very well, but I must be honest with you, I have been following the trends in Abia state. The government in power has done a lot of things in Aba which we are aware and so many other things, so as I said before, the foundation of Abia state is the cause of what we are today.

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