The “Cashtivists” and Nigerian Political Dilemma  *A case study of Reno Omokri, FFK, Sawore

Peter Obi
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PThe “Cashtivists” and Nigerian Political Dilemma  *A case study of Reno Omokri, FFK, Sawore


The exits of the “Last of the Strong Breeds” like Chief Gani Fawehinmi and Chief Anthony Enahoro set the stage for a generation of political activists whose tones and body language sound more of “cashtivists” than activists. These are a set of emotional rouser who have often attempted to draw public attention to themselves in their social media posts and radio/television chats to promote the interests of their pay-Masters.


For some years now, the likes of Reno Omokri, Femi Fani-Kayode, Sawore, Adenanju, among others have created ripples on social media and other media outlets, trying to gather public attention to themselves as activists, or rather cashtivists. Unfortunately for them, they attempt to stand on the path the Nigerian youths have chosen to liberate their country and themselves from more than half of a century jokes and curses imposed by clueless class of elites.


From their tones and body language in the media space, coupled with their romance and naverous activities in service to those who have looted Nigeria into becoming bankrupt, it is clear and certain that they do all they do and say all they say in want of opportunities in engaging in the merry-go-round associated with the status quo. The Nigerian youths have stood their grounds to say, “Never Again! OBIdient is better than sacrifice”.

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The “cashtivists” of the moles of Reno Omokri and Femi Fani-Kayode, whose antics have been discovered as singing the lyrics of our freedom songs in manners to please their pay-masters and have them in the Presidency to elongate our tedious walk to freedom,will soon see the Nigerian youths taking back their country from the age-long looters of our commonwealth.


The Nigerian youths’ anger against the looting of their nation’s wealth by the selected few has reached its climax, hence the OBIdient Movement, with Peter Obi seen and acknowledged as a factor in our evolving political development. Nigerian youths see in Peter Obi the long expected servant-leader’s charisma, with the capacity to nail corruption on the head. They see and hear in his tone and body language the willingness and verve to salvage the dwindling economy and the collapsed polity.

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The tones and body language of the three major presidential candidates speak volumes of their interests and agenda in becoming the next Nigerian president. Of course, none of the two: Atiku and Tinubu, have spoken the language different from that of the status quo, hence the grievances of the Nigerian youths against the “cashtivists” of our time trying to promote them and fool the masses as they had always done.


Never Again! OBIdient is better than sacrifice. This is the stand of those Nigerians that are fed up with the heinous financial crimes and wreckless looting of the nation’s resources by a set of ungodly men and women who have taken for themselves different titles and acolades enmeshed in the blood of innocent peasants and citizens. We are taking back our country the men of facade of respectability. Let the Cashtivists beware!


(Offong Okodio is a priest in The Temple of Justice where Truth is the presiding Judge)

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