Again! Man Caught In The Act Of Sodomy

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Again! Man Caught In The Act Of Sodomy

Residents of Amakama Housing Estate in Umuahia, Abia State have unanimously urged the Law enforcement officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to quickly arrest one Ndukwe Uchenna Uduma over alleged involvement in same sex act.

Ndukwe, a resident of Amakama, in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, who was accused of having canal knowledge with same gender in the estate was reportedly caught in flagrante delicto.

Facts as made available to states that same Ndukwe had, in February, 2022, escaped execution by an angry mob, at World Bank Housing Estate, Umuahia, over same allegation.

The news broke in several tabloids and spread like wild fire as everyone around was eager to know how law enforcement officers in Nigeria will arrest Ndukwe and effect the gay prohibition law which warrants 14 year jail term for offenders.

According to information gathered by, Ndukwe was caught napped by one of his neighbour’s simply identified as Mr. Frank.

Giving more revelation on his claims, Frank affirmed that Ndukwe’s sexual urge is questionable. He narrated how he bashed into Ndukwe’s room to pick up his phone which he was charging in his room and saw the abominable act.

According to Frank, he ignored the action he saw because it seems unreal to him but decided to come back for his phone to enable it fully charge as he pleaded with Ndukwe. The plan accordingly to him was to satisfy his curiosity.

Giving a factual account of how it happened, Frank said; “I deliberately opened the door without knocking because I want to be sure of what I saw initially. I was shocked to see Ndukwe naked and penetrating his male visitor from behind, both were stack naked.They didn’t see me as I opened the door because only refection from the television screen served the room light as the bright bulb was switched off.

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“I believe Ndukwe thought he locked the door because as I slowly push the door open, I saw the key shaft push out, meaning the key was turned to lock but the door wasn’t shut well before he turned the key to luck, probably the door curtain caused it.

“To satisfy my curiosity, I waited for few minutes and went to his widow to peep on what was really going on, only to view them fully on the act. Flashes from the television screen helped me to have a good sight on the obvious.

“After that, I decided to go in there to pick up my phone and also to stop what ever they are doing. As I pushed the door open without knocking, Ndukwe rushed to the door sweating and he asked furiously, “What is it again? I was shocked as his eyes were red and his face full of anger. He was covering himself with bedspread.
He kicked my phone and charger to me and slammed the door against me furiously. I picked up my phone, switched in on as I entered my apartment only to see that my phone screen has a crack due to how Ndukwe kicked my phone to the pillar at the corridor.

“With anger I went back, hit the door, only for Ndukwe to come out and greeted me with a hot slap which ignited our fight.”

According to another eyewitness who claimed to also been a neighbour explained to correspondent who visited the scene where Ndukwe was mobbed said; “I witnessed the fight between Frank and Ndukwe, they also exchanged insulting words for several minutes which Frank openly called him a gay and vowed to report him to law enforcement agencies. The word “gay” attracted other neighbours to know the rudiment of their quarrel. As other neighbours started coming out, Frank got furious again about his broken phone screen and slapped Ndukwe. They started another round of fight which latter attracted other people in the community that mobbed Ndukwe.”

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Acccording to, another woman who gave her name as Margret added that “it was the wood used by a member of the mob that left Ndukwe seriously injured .”

It was also said that angry youths search the neighborhood in anticipation to find Ndukwe’s accomplice but it was fruitless.

Information also gathered from the scene had it that the alleged bisexual suspect was whisked away by a passerby in his vehicle with the help of others who came to rescue Ndukwe without asking about what transpired.

Ndukwe was said to be new in the estate, they said he moved in about a month ago. He is also believed to be under intensive care in an unknown medical care unit.

On further enquiry from David Okonkwo, the youth leader of Amakama community about the incident, he simply said, “thank God am around today, they would have mobbed him to death. “That is an abominable act in our land, we will never condone such in our community, the law in Nigeria prohibits that, he must face the full wrath of the law unless he’s not seen in this community again.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Constitution had, over the years, prohibited gay marriage, public displays of same-sex relationships.

Also, the constitution outlawed any form of membership of gay groups with the passing of a law that has sparked international condemnation.

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