Dr. Peter Obi and Sam Omatseye
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Sam Omatseye Obi-tuary In Touch: Accumulation Of Envy And Hate



I don’t like reacting to people’s write-up about Mr. Peter Obi, the leader of OBIdient Movement that’s about to give birth to a new Nigeria.


I have taken my time to know why people suddenly write about Mr. Peter Obi and I have classified them in three groups, the people who indulge in “Obi-phobia”; The first group is “the League of Hate & Envy”- because of the tribe Mr. Peter Obi came from, the second group is “Political profiteers and oppressors”- those that have benefited from the collapse of Nigeria and the third group is “Bread & Butter Writers”- those who write in order to feed their belly.


However, it’s unfortunate that Sam Omatseye slightly belongs to two groups, but his write up titled “Obi-tuary In Touch” classified him that he majorly belongs to the “League of Hate & Envy”


I have carefully searched to ascertain how in high heavens, Sam’s “Omatseye Obi-tuary In Touch” could solve the hike in insecurity and rapid collapsing of Nigeria’s economy but I couldn’t see any possible solution in it. I was very careful to read his epistle of hate & envy to see how he, through it, proffered solution to unemployment and litany of strike facing Nigerian (youths) students especially the recent indefinite otherwise tagged compulsory holiday of Nigerians Students by President Mohammadu Buhari led APC Government.


Lo and Behold all, I saw in Sam Omatseye’s “Obi-tuary In Touch” is Mr. Peter Obi, Igbo tribe and quest for Biafra by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the whole write-up portrays a mere gossip by an idle ink.


There’s a clear distinction between when a write up came from abode of intellectualism targeted at solutionism than when a write-up is stimulated by Spirit of “Hate & Envy”. This is likened to a mad man with a black paint approaching an Immaculate White Art Statue.

Indeed, Sam Omatseye was captured by the demon of “Hate & Envy”. And, at this juncture, I recalled that scripturally ‘Hate and Envy’ is a link to wizardry. So, it’s crystal clear now that the intention of Sam Omatseye is to bewitch Mr. Peter Obi’s 2023 presidential project.


The more I read Sam Omatseye’s article, I see the acceleration of his hateful and envious mind towards Mr. Peter Obi growing into a heavy witchcraft. Yes, envy and hate lead to witchcrafts, envy and hate is a direct link to witchcraft. Sam Omatseye’s write-up is a product of envious mind and hate on the rapid popularity and acceptability of Mr. Peter Obi to every reasonable Nigerian especially the Nigerian youths.


Sam Omatseye measuring and comparing IPOB’s activities with Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential project is outrightly poor notion. It lacks sense of logic and reality. Let me remind Sam Omatseye that Gen. Emeka Odiegwu Ojukwu ( Ikemba Nnewi and Ochiagha Ndigbo) ran for presidential election in 2003 against Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. Emeka’s presidential project in 2003 couldn’t give birth to “Eme-rgency Movement’ like Obi’s Presidential project 2023 has given birth to “OBI-dient Movement”.


In 2003, MASSOB was already existing when Gen. Emeka Ojukwu contested for presidency, just like today, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has been existing and Mr. Peter Obi is currently running for President, yet today we have “OBIdient movement”. However, in 2003 we never had “EMErgence movement”


Ndigbo in 2003 saw that there’s no need to have “EMErgence movement” because Emeka Ojukwu is contesting for president. Ndigbo saw justice fairness and equity in 2003 presidential election, and so, their presidential candidate was Olusegun Obasanjo instead of Emeka Ojukwu, their own brother. That was the factor that facilitated PDP’s overwhelming victory both in Southeast and South-South. Perhaps Ndigbo, despite the clamour for ‘Onyeahala Nwanne Ya’, saw Olusegun Obasanjo more credible at that time more than Emeka Ojukwu, and also believe that Yorubas must be allowed to finish their tenure as against the Injustice melted on MKO Abiola.


Sam Omatseye, I want to remind you that if Ndigbo and IPOB are singing in “OBIdient movement” today because of Peter Obi, the same Ndigbo and MASSOB never sang in “EMErgence movement” in 2003 because of Emeka Ojukwu, such movement didn’t exist. Get that in your head!



Again, Sam Omatseye, the present generation and future generations of Nigeria will be so disappointed in you that all your target was to blackmail Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential project with IPOB. If you’re a genuine, reasonable and a sincere Nigerian writer, you could have taken us back to history line to x- ray what led to recent agitation of Biafra from Uwazuruike (MASSOB) and Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB). But, no, you couldn’t do that! Because, you’re biased, you’re sentimental, you’re judgemental, you’re tribalistic, you’re materialistic.


Let me remind you also that the recent agitation of Biafra by MASSOB and IPOB was as a result of the inability of Federal Government led by Gen. Yakubu Gowon to implement the 3Rs policy that was introduced after the end of Nigeria Genocide against Old Eastern Nigeria. I hope you’re aware that 0.5% of that policy was not implemented in any part of Biafra land till date? The so called Nigeria Biafra Civil war, which was in actual sense is a “Genocide” against Old Eastern People with the collective military force of Britain, USA, Germany, Russian etc.


Sam Omatseye, it’s truism that none of the Ipob members you heavily mocked in your litany of political gossip saw the so called Nigeria Biafra Civil War(Genocide). I thought at your age you should have a sober reflection why new the generation of Biafra extraction is now agitating for Biafra again.


Sam Omatseye, I think if you’re a real patriot of Nigerian, if the activities of IPOB is not much active today in your thinking since the emergence of OBIdient Presidential Movement, you should have celebrated IPOBIANS and congratulated Peter Obi for bringing confidence in them to believe in Nigeria again.


The way you arranged the songs of your political gossip in your write-up shows that you’re inarguably among the political oppressors and political profiteers that don’t want Nigeria to work.


Sam Omatseye are you happy that Nigeria has attained the level of tribal and regional patriotism instead of National patriotism? If Peter Obi’s presidential project is bringing confidence and hope to those that have lost interest and trust in Nigeria, shouldn’t you celebrate Peter Obi with your ink as an Icon of New democracy in Nigeria?


Unbeknownst to you, Mr. Omatseye, contrary to your envisaged harm, your article promotes OBIdient Movement as a social magnate with such a magnetic power to bring back BIAFRA agitators and Oduduwa agitators into the mainstream of Nigeria’s politics, with hope of a new Nigeria of Justice, Fairness and Equity. Indeed, you misfired!


Sam Omatseye, in your fourth paragraph, you wrote; “It’s farewell Kanu. Welcome Obi, at least until the new Priest Peter’s out. They are at his worship. They embrace it because it does not, for the first time in years, feel like they are outside the mainstream. They are not falling foul of the law, not howling from the fringes. They have Peter Obi as their man. He is mainstream. He belongs, not to the MASSOB, or Kanu’s assembly called IPOB. They can say they have a legitimate tribe and rhetoric. They may pretend to love Nigeria. They may claim to embrace INEC, cling to a political party no one in the police or DSS will harangue”.


Sam Omatseye, you alleging that Ndigbo or IPOB/MASSOB that “they pretend to love Nigeria” shows that you have lost the sense of reality about which tribe or region that has supported and loved Nigeria. The statistics, data and emprical evidence is clear that IPOB and MASSOB members have their property and investment littered all over the 36 states in Nigeria. A glaring proof that they have contributed immensely to human capacity building, as well as helped in developing every city in Nigeria.


Sam Omatseye, can you point in any village or town in Igbo land where you have an investment?


Sam Omatseye, IPOB and MASSOB members are more dearly patriotic than you, their call for secession is a demand and an opinion that if Nigeria can’t be united with Justice and equity, Nigeria can as much work and survive seperately as Nations.


Sam Omatseye, your attempt to paint Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential project as Regional or tribal agenda is an old idea that has kept an average Nigerian into political servitude. I made a remark that Ndigbo saw Emeka Ojukwu in 2003 yet voted massively for Olusegun Obasanjo. Yes, that was and still remains a clear indication that Ndigbo have long conquered tribal politics, whatsoever.!



OBIdient movement is a national movement and the force behind it is the over one hundred millions Nigerians living in abject poverty, the millions of educated Nigerian youths that are unemployed, millions of Nigerian students that are have been staying at home observing an indefinite strike that has lasted for over seven months; and millions of aged Nigerian men and women languishing in their old age without their due gratuities. What an agony!


Sam Omatseye, I hope you’re aware that there is no different fuel price for the Yoruba, Tiv, Urhobos, Ijaws, Ogonis, Igbos, Hausas, Fulanis, Orons, Esan, Ngas, etc; it’s technically 185 Naira per liter by all, yet in 2014 anti- Jonathan hit on the street because fuel was sold 65 Naira per liter. Today fuel is sold 185 to 200 Naira per liter.


Mr. Peter Obi’s appearance as the most prefered and credible candidate for 2023 presidential election fueled the Pen of Sam Omatseye; he suddenly has now become the Apostle Paul, one of the Jesus Christ’s disciples that wrote 13 epistles. I only saw Sam Omatseye “Obi-tuary In Touch” as an Apostle of the Oppressors who inks his pen with the Blood of thousands of Nigerians that have been soaked in blood since 2015, so he can propagate and project the man that has promised to recruit Fifty Million (50m) Nigeria youths into the army in sambisa forest where they will be feed with Cassava and Agbado.


Sam Omatseye, you can outshine Apostle Paul in his epistle, your epistle of Hate & Envy against Mr. Peter Obi will give him more credibility, trust Nigeria’s. Revolution is here!


It’s laughable that you said that Mr. Peter Obi is pushing himself as a Southern Candidate, but it’s unfortunate that the emergence of Peter Obi has swallowed Regional politics. If I may ask, did you ever get to listen to Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of PDP wherein he stated that 90% of Northerners are not abbraced with modern internet technology, in responses Peter Obi told him that’s the problem he is coming to solve to equip every average child in the North with education? I suppose you missed it and I advise you look out for that clip and get enlightened.



It’s obvious that as far as 2023 presidential election is concerned, Mr. Peter Obi has become a big tree beside a road-side that will surely take a cut of Knife by every road user. Mr. Sam Omatseye, you have given your own cut to this “Big Tree’ Reno Omokri, Jide, Joe Igbokwe, Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, Dino Maleye, Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Ike Ekweremadu, Atiku, Shettima, etc have already sharpen their knives and the God of Equity, Fairness and Justice will not let this tree fall nor wither, rather it will keep flourishing, growing in bounds and multiplying in fruits. Because this is the only tree God has procured for Nigeria to provide food and shelter for the citizenry.


It’s at this juncture, that I want to bring to your notice that OBIdient movement is a national phenomenon that symbolizes how tired Nigerians are in regional and tribal sentiment. OBIdient movement is beyond political permutations; and there’s no permutations in democratic or ballot revolution.


No amount of blackmail or even evidence will stop Nigerians from being OBIdient! This a an indisputable fact!


Sam Omatseye, it’s deeply hurting your heart on the triumphant entry of Mr. Peter into our new political paradise, why can’t you at least take Mr. Peter Obi as the repentant Criminal that was crucified with Jesus Christ on Cross who made heaven with him immediately? No Reasonable Nigerian is interested to look at the Sins of Mr. Peter Obi, rather we are looking at the future of a new Nigeria in his hand.


BY COMRADE IGBOAYAKA O IGBOAYAKA, National President, Ohanaeze Youths Council.

August 3rd 2022.

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