The Man, Rep. Sam Onuigbo: The Extraordinary Leader (Opinion)

Rep Sam Onuigbo, member representing Ikwuano Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency of Abia State
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The Man, Rep. Sam Onuigbo: The Extraordinary Leader (Opinion)

Extraordinary Ordinary leader is one that stands-out, one who leads at a higher levels, one who shows they care, one who can make decisions, set direction, inspire others with a strong vision for the future, while executing on the needed deliverables.

Odoziodo Hon Samuel Ifeanyi Onuigbo has been found to have this attributes and what it takes to be great and lead the people into greatness.

Often times when you hear the word great, and you think about leadership, what comes to mind to many includes as follows:

They have a vision. Usually a positive one conveyed with confidence about the future and where the business is going and how their followers or direct r part of it. This vision fills others with hope, and understanding of “why” others are part of it helps to galvanize the vision becoming reality. 

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They lead with confidence–even in the face of adversity, bad business, or economic downturns. Their steady flow of belief calms down the anxiety in others so that they can do their work with confidence and the security of feeling like things can and will get better. 

Rep Sam Onuigbo, member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency and President GLOBE Nigeria.
Rep Sam Onuigbo, member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency and President GLOBE Nigeria.

They build powerful networks to help others get work done more effectively, not just because they want to be know as “powerful”. They volunteer to connect others. They get the notion that work has gotten more complex and the person who has the best networks for getting work accomplished more efficiently will emerge as a person more valued in the organization. They don’t see the need for silos, they would rather seek collaboration with others. 

They have a strong set of communication and people skills. People know where they stand. And, they set out to communicate to improve things: performance, people development, vision or strategy. They are not afraid to give direct feedback or hold someone accountable because they know, these things are the best ways to invest in others. They are also just as apt to seek feedback for how they can improve and get better. 

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They believe in their team. And, as the team leader they are willing to invest in higher team performance. They know it takes a lot to build trust, engage in healthy conflict, gain commitment to the team goals, hold team members accountable and drive for results.

This an many more are the reasons why Odozi Obodo is Prefered amongst others.

No doubt the legacy he has wet our appitites for the bigger bread.

By Monday Enyinnaya Ironcho Pst.

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