Rep. Aguocha Vows to Eradicate Poverty From Constituency… Charges team on progressive attitude

High Chief Obi Aguocha
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Rep. Aguocha Vows to Eradicate Poverty From Constituency
… Charges team on progressive attitude

The member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency of Abia State, Rt. Hon. (Chief) Obi Aguocha has reiterated his unreserved commitment to eradicating poverty from among his constituents.

AguochaThe Ogwumabiri Ohuhu urged members of Obi Aguocha Campaign Organisation and, indeed all Abians to discard the effects of the election and focus on building a new constituency and state in general.

Aguocha, who reminded that the days of campaigns and, of course, the 2023 general elections had crawled past, appealed to all and sundry to imbibe unity and peace in order to ensure a progressive society.

The proud son of Ohuhu who appreciated his campaign committee, shortly after his inauguration thanksgiving ceremony, at his Ohuhu country home, stressed that “this is no longer time for politics or campaigns rather it is time to get to work for our people.

“Now that we have won the election, you have to take off your election dresses and put on your progressive dresses. We have so much to do and have to get started immediately. We have mapped out a lot of programmes for our people that we must actualise.

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“We’ll have lots of poverty alleviation programmes, empowerments, employment opportunities and scholarship programmes for our youths especially for the destitute among us, across the constituency.

“Also, we’ll make out time to find out about the welfare of our people to help alleviate poverty. For instance, those who are into catering, we’ll know what to do to improve their livelihoods. So, we’ll have to organise ourselves and at at the same time, be our brother’s keeper. And by so doing and by the grace of God, the manifestation of his grace will reach us.

In a related development, Aguocha implored his Campaign Team numbering over one hundred and ten persons, comprising men, women and youths, to endeavour to win more members into the structure.

Meanwhile, he commended them for their display of love and respect for one another especially during his inauguration thanksgiving ceremony as he urged them to keep the flag flying, saying “continue to have that kind of respect and as time goes on, there’ll be need for us to expand.

“We have to work towards expanding our number by bringing in people of like-minds.

“I pray that God will honour you like you honoured me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Most of the assignments you performed were beneath you but you still humbled yourselves and carried them out and I really want to thank you all. You really tried.

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“The most satisfied person in what we did was the Governor. He was relaxed because he was impressed.
He was relaxed and was not in hurry.
The Governor was very happy and he being happy was because you did what you ought to do.

“The most important thing is for us to put everything in God’s hands. It’s only God that can take credit of our victory even though our opponents are still contesting it in Court but I still don’t know what they are contesting for. But, in all, I’m with my God.

Meanwhile, he used the medium to charge members to shun malice and backbiting, stressing that “we are a family. If there’s some kind of misunderstanding, we initiate a dialogue and have it resolved. I want us to be united.

“I might also offend you but, please, do not take it outside rather let’s resolve it among us because it’s a family matter. So, we can have a dialogue and resolve it within us.

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