Peter Obi proffers solution to Nigeria’s poor electricity supply

Mr. Peter Obi
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Former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, has described the availability of a stable power sector as a critical factor to achieve to the desired New Nigeria.

Obi who expressed acrimony over the inability of Nigeria being the giant of Africa to pride itself in the provision of electricity to power at least one of her major cities, whereas Tanzania, he stressed had succeeded in powering all her major cities.

Obi while regretting the extant retrogressive state of the country, disclosed that a World Bank report showed that about 70 per cent of 40 million Tanzanians living in rural areas have received access to electricity.

This is even as a recent report reveals that Tanzania, an East African nation, recently shut down five hydroelectric stations to reduce excess electricity in the national grid.

Their decision to shut down these power stations stemmed from the fact that their electricity production was already enough to power their major cities and give electricity access to the rural dwellers.

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“In pain, I wondered how our nation, the giant of Africa, could not be able to power even one of the major cities, for example, the capital Abuja, while Tanzania has succeeded in powering all their major cities.

“A World Bank report showed how strong political will and commitment have been responsible for rapid electricity access in Tanzania which has seen electricity access move from 7% in 2011 to almost 40% (37.7%) in 2020, during which about 75% (73.2%) of urban dwellers gained access to electricity and about 25% (24.5%) of rural areas gained access to electricity.

“A similar report in June 2023 showed that about 70 per cent of 40 million Tanzanians living in rural areas have received access to electricity, signifying a monumental growth in the sector, while regrettably Nigeria’s situation remains the opposite.

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“In Nigeria, 60% of our over 200 million people live without access to electricity, according to a 2022 Energy Progress Report.

“Considering the economic loss resulting from the lack of access to electricity in our nation, which remains immeasurable and with the recent electricity tariff increase, one would expect that we would be able, at least, to power one major city in each geo-political zone soon, and increase our overall access both in the urban and rural areas.

Speaking further, the former presidential candidate insisted on the sanitisation and rescuing of the sector by the government, to improve the living standard of the citizenry.

Continuing, he said: “If Tanzania could achieve such a milestone in power generation, then Nigeria can do it even better, with competent and committed leadership.

“A stable power sector is very critical for the journey to a New Nigeria, to which we remain committed.”

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