Omuma Road: Aba Roads Sorry Sights Before My Assumption… Ikpeazu Tells Critics

Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, the Executive Governor of Abia State.
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Omuma Road: Aba Roads Sorry Sights Before My Assumption… Ikpeazu Tells Critics

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the Governor of Abia State has has reminded his critics that various roads in Aba, the Commercial bane of Abia State were is obvious deplorable condition before his assumption of office in the year on 2015.

Governor Ikpeazu who could not relegate the efforts of his predecessors in improving the standard of living in the state’s commercial hub, lamented that a lot of stones were still left unturned prior to the inception of his administration.

Ikpeazu maintained that his government from the beginning had been able to consolidate on the efforts of the past administrations in rehabilitating various roads in the state with focus on roads in Aba.

The Governor gave this insight while responding to the critics of his Government with regard to the horrible condition of roads in the area, on Saturday during an interface with members of the Abia Online Media Practitioners.

He posited that it required his goverment lots of courage, hard work and determination to have the present artistic impact on the area, while describing Abia state as a focal point of the survival of Igbo nation.

Furthermore, the Governor explained that an equal efforts as exerted on the various roads in Aba were as much deployed in Omuma Road, noting that his administration introduced a scientific method in road construction -the cement technology, stressing that this is done despite the high cost of cement in the country.

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Omuma road before 2015
Omuma road before 2015

IMG 20220731 WA0010

Omuma road after 2015
IMG 20220731 WA0009 IMG 20220731 WA0008

The Governor said a lot of manpower, time, resources among others were deployed in places such as Omuma, Umuola, Osusu Roads extending to Ngwa High School, Aba/Owerri Road, noting that these efforts are geared towards complementing his administration’s urban renewal efforts.

He said amid criticisms, he has refused to be deterred by unverified social media reports as he has submitted himself to the verdict of history just as he noted that his administration has also given the State a long term development plan which according to him, is the first of its kind.


Meanwhile, Governor Ikpeazu used the period to urge members of the Association to be mindful of their reports even as the country is approaching the period of politicking, stressing that he has been amazed by the level of fake and unverified reports on social media.

However, the Governor who described Abia state as a focal point of the survival of Igbo nation, described the role of the press as paramount in the growth and development of every society, state and nation.,

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He, therefore, appealed to online publishers to report meticulously and shun destructive criticisms of Government.

Adding, he said: “there is the need to be mindful of what we say or what we write about the state as it will go a long way to make mare the region”

According to the Governor, “You people are perception managers and you drive the society and shape opinions, you can put the state forward or backwards, depending on the image you decide to push forward.

Speaking further, he said: “Perceptions when they go too far, it is difficult to come back so if you are not careful on who you promote, what you promote and the agenda you promote, you could realize that you are promoting something that will undermine you and your environment.

“But as opinion shapers, if you focus on what will make our society grow, and if you can set out what is good in an individual and promote the good virtues, it will go a long way to determine whether Abia state will grow or not.

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