Man eats 3 children’s placentas, as wife seeks divorce

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Man eats children’s placentas, as wife seeks divorce

A mother of three has urged the court to terminate her marriage with her husband, accusing the latter of feeding on their children’s placentas.

This horrible incident was shared on the social media buy a Tiktoker, @itzz__joygray, who claims to be neighbour to the couple, the mother recently found out that his lovely husband had been eating their children’s placentae, as she sought a means to end their marriage.

The mother of three beautiful kids, without further hesitation, took to her heels in search for a way to break loose from the union.

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The woman who gave birth to her third child three weeks ago, discovered her husband had been eating their placenta after things started going wrong in their home.

According to reports, when the aggrieved woman was about to birth their third baby, her husband was sent out of the hospital to go get some drugs from the pharmacy.

The neighbour who gave an account of what usually transpired each time the woman put to bed has this to say:

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“Normally the husband makes sure the placenta is reserved for him to take home but since he was absent, the hospital disposed of it.

‘As soon as he realized the placenta was gone, he caused a scene in the hospital but it was already too late and they had disposed of it.

“Soon after they were discharged from the hospital, everything in their home started going sideways.

“That was when the husband confessed that it was because he didn’t eat the placenta of the last child as per tradition in his hometown.”

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