Kodak Black Wants to Meet Trump for ‘Brilliant’ Idea, Offers His Life

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Kodak Black
Come See Me, Mr. President
For a Great Idea, Kill Me If It Sucks!!!

4/26/2020 5:22 PM PT

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Kodak Black says he wants to meet President Trump to pass on some knowledge he feels can be useful — and if DT ain’t into it … KB says the man can take him out, literally.

The incarcerated rapper posted a bizarre message on social media Sunday, tagging his attorney, Bradford Cohen, and the Prez in a request for a face to face. He wrote on Instagram, “@lawronin, tell donald trump to pull-up on me, i got a brilliant idea.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He went on to say his thought’s been dogging him, adding, “I thought of something back in miami but i dismissed it kuz i be thinking i’m crazy sometimes. This s*** keeps following me tho!” He also says his chat would have nothing to do with his wrongful conviction.

He even promises to keep it ‘rona-free, writing … “come see me i got my corona mask on.” Then comes the even weirder proposal to POTUS. Kodak says, “@realdonaldtrump if it’s not worth anything you can kill me! I’m ill forreal.” Hmmm … so we’re going there then, huh?

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Fox News

Now, at this point … there’s no indication of what the idea might be, or what it pertains to. But, considering we’re weighing the possibility of bleach injections at the White House Press Briefings these days, maybe some out-of-the-box wisdom from Kodak would be welcomed.

The problem … Trump doesn’t use IG all that much, and it doesn’t look like Kodak put this on Twitter. So, good luck getting through … and hopefully, no one has to die over this.

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