JNR. POPE: AGN Suspends Movie Shooting, Punishes Producer, Adamma Luke *I poured Fanta to greet water spirits, says survivor TC Virus *As Anambra residents insist Actor be buried beside river

Famous Actor, Junior Pope lying lifelessly in the hospital.
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JNR. POPE: AGN Suspends Movie Shooting, Punishes Producer, Adamma Luke
*I poured Fanta to greet water spirits, says survivor TC Virus

After the publication of his death, another news went viral again that the Doctors succeeded in resuscitating him with wild jubilations by his fans thanking God for his coming back alive.

A few minutes later, contrary news had it that he had finally died.

However, Famousreporters.com was not swift to report the information but decided to wait patiently and anticipatingly for a credible and official statement confirming the latest update was released by the Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN).

We can confirm through a Press Statement by the Actors Guild of Nigeria that Junior Pope has finally died after his struggles with death.

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According to a Press Release made available to Famous Reporters signed by its President, Dr. Ejezie Emeka Rollas, stated among others that the Guild decided to take the following actions:

*All films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are suspended.

*No shooting at all locations on April 11, 2024 in honour of departed souls.

*The film titled, “Another Side of Life” is suspended.

*No Actor is allowed to work with Adamma Luke as a Producer until further notice.

Meanwhile , the statement revealed also that four others are involved in the fatal boat mishap.

In a related development, a survivor of the tragic incident, Actor TC Virus had told his fans about how he was able to escape from the horror.

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Addressing his teaming fans in a Facebook live broadcast, TC Virus explained that, upon embarking on the boat, he poured libations in the water, thus honouring pacifying spirits resident in the water.

“I poured Fanta into the water to greet the water spirits”, he said.

In another development, residents of Anambra State have bluntly insisted that the remains of famous actor must be buried the the side of the river, as tradition demands. This issue of the most befitting sore for the interment of late Junior Pope has raised so much dust between the people and members of AGN.

As at the time of filing this report, Famousreporters.com was yet to ascertain if a consensus was reached between the two warring parties.

By Famous Reporters

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