Influx Of Endorsements For Rep. Onuigbo, As Ikenga Liberation Movement, Great Movement, Others Vow Unalloyed Support (Photos + Videos)

Rep Sam Onuigbo
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Influx Of Endorsements For Rep. Onuigbo, As Ikenga Liberation Movement, Great Movement, Others Vow Unalloyed Support
(Photos + Videos)

Charity Uwakwe

As the long awaited February 25 general election crawls in, in a fraction of five days, there has been an influx of many notable support groups and Social-cultural organisations, striving to identify with Rep. Sam Onuigbo, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for Abia Central Senatorial District, can authoritatively report.

The groups restated that their choice of candidate to represent them at the Red Chambers remained Rep. Sam Onuigbo who is the incumbent member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency of Abia State, recounting on the magnanimous nature of the latter, coupled with his extant effective representation at the Green Chambers.

Speaking yesterday, on behalf of the Executives, the Coordinator of Great Movement, Mr. Steve reiterated that their decision and choice of Odozio-Obodo was borne out of their zeal to have him replicate his existing good deeds at the Senate.

“We have come to identify with the right person to represent us at the Senate, Rep. Sam Onuigbo, he is the right person to go to Senate. We the members of Great Movement have chosen him so that he can to Abuja and do for us again, what he has done at the House of Representatives.

Rep. Sam Onuigbo in a meeting with representatives of Great Movement, Umuahia.
Rep. Sam Onuigbo in a meeting with representatives of Great Movement, Umuahia.


He, therefore, implored other support groups across the state to key in and ensure that Onuigbo is elected, saying he is the most credible candidate to Amelia their suffering.

“I encourage others to follow suit and vote Rt. Hon. Sam Onuigbo because he will represent us well and repeat what he has done at the Federal House of Representatives.

Responding, Onuigbo amidst ecstasy and optimism, charged the group not to relent in their quest to enthrone good governance, noting that “we are working as a team and the end result shall be a resounding victory.

“If you carefully observe the things I’ve been able to do as the representative of great Ikwuano/Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency, then you’ll be encouraged to say we know this man and we know what he’s capable of doing. Therefore, we’re going to support him, not just by ourselves but we’re going to mobilize people and tell them that on Saturday, once you are given the ballot paper, you vote APC because know who represents that Party. Tell them that he’s a man you know, you have his record and you’ve read about him. You see through him, he’s transparent, is it not so?

He, therefore, urged the Executives of Great Movement to sensitive people in their neighborhood and encourage one another to endeavour to cast their votes in his favour on the D-Day.

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“Also, ensure that your votes are protected. So, that’s my only plea, help me mobilize people; you know Odozio-Obodo and you know what he’s capable of doing”, he said, reminding them of his legacy achievements even as an incumbent Representative, with focus on the rehabilitation of Ikwuano-Umuahia/Ikot-Ekpene road, which had defied all efforts by past administrations, among others.

“Tell them that I have successfully facilitated the rehabilitation of the road from Ikwuano/Umuahia, leading to Ikot-Ekpene and so many other things which you people are aware of including schools. I think I have done well over ten to eleven blocks of classrooms in all the clans that make up Ikwuano/Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency of Abia State,as well as completed erosion control projects across the Constituency which are all verifiable.”

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Great Movement told that the group had bluntly turned down pressures from several other candidates, among whom was Col. Austin Akobundu, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, who had sought for their support.

Hear him: “Col. Akobundu, the PDP candidate has approached is for about three times to support him but we told him no, we will not support him. Our choice of candidate is Sam Onuigbo and we believe that Onuigbo can give us a better representation as he has been doing.

“One Akobundu’s PA’s has called me to use my group and support his principal but I said no to him. And I told him that this is the person I want, Rep. Sam Onuigbo and I blocked him.

Earlier, the Executives of Ikenga Liberation Movement, (ILM), who stormed Onuigbo’s home, in Umuahia, reiterated their unalloyed support for Odozi-Obodo, stressing their commitment to work with and for him, in order to ensure his victorious emergence at the polls.

“We are members of Ikenga liberation movement, Umuahia. We’re numerous in number. But these are our Executives. We are here to say that we love you and it’s you we’re sending to represent us at the Senate because we know your antecedents.

“We have come here to identify with you, because we love you. We have heard about your good works and we know you will continue. The movement is here to say that you are our incoming Senator. Let him who likes it take it or not.
We’re here to tell you we love you and that we are ready to work for you. All you have to do is to relegate whatever assignment and consider it done’, they said as they prayed for God to intervene in the favour of Odozio-Obodo.

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Rep. Sam Onuigbo flanked by Executives of Ikenga Liberation Movement.
Rep. Sam Onuigbo flanked by Executives of Ikenga Liberation Movement.

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Responding, Onuigbo thanked the group and reminded them of their obvious capabilities in facilitating the success of a candidate.

“I know your capacity. And I welcome you. I’m here because I want to be here with you.
I know your aim of coming is not to correct money rather to plant so as to be parts of the struggle and at the same time reap from the proceeds.

The incumbent House of Representatives member who represented the South-East in the formation of the new electoral law, expressed utter confidence in the group towards enhancing the successful emergence of credible candidates.

“I know you are able to multiply in your number. So, because of your confidence in me, I implore you to talk to others, at least you know Odozi-Obodo. So, kindly talk to others. Yes, we shall co-operate with you. Whoever labours must reap.

“This is not pick and drop politics. Rather let’s work together to actualise this project. Explain to others and do not allow anyone deceive or mislead you.

Also, electorates at one of the strategic Polling Units in Ikwuano pledged their unreserved support for the APC candidate, admitting to what he described as “his impeccable character” as exhibited by the latter in all of the offices he had served up until the present.

Speaking on behalf of the people, the spokesperson for the group, (name withheld), who described Onuigbo as a Technocrat other than a regular Politician, assured that the latter would get the bulkiest votes from the polling unit.

“Chief Onuigbo, you’re too much; at least I’ve known you before now and I’ve come across you in several ways. And I must say that there’s no in what you have just said to us here this evening, that’s what you are.


Continuing, the spokesperson who commended Onuigbo for redefining representation within his stay in office, added that; “But, one thing I want you to have at the back of your mind is that, you are not dealing with touts here, we’re responsible men and women. We all have our PVCs. So, I’m assuring you that this environment, mark my words, it is where you will get the highest votes. Something is about to hit. Let me not count your past achievements because we’re now facing present and we pray by the special grace of God, you shall complete any of the uncompleted projects as you are elected into the office of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
You’re going!”, He declared.

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