Iheyinna Mgbeahuru: ‘The BRIDGE’ that connects entire Osisioma Ngwa North

Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru
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Iheyinna Mgbeahuru: ‘The BRIDGE’ that connects entire Osisioma Ngwa North

Hon. Iheyinna is THE BRIDGE that connects people in Osisioma Ngwa North.

Over the years, we are used to having career politicians, political jobbers, and boothlickers in Osisioma Ngwa North who built walls that separated our people from government, development, employment, infrastrure and dividend of democracy when they should have reconciled. They seperated us by causing enemity here and there so as to enrich themselves without anyone asking questions.

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Conversely, the past executive chairman of Osisioma Ngwa LGA Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru aka. the Bridge, upon assumption of office, distinguished himself from the rest through the policies he introduced in his short time in office as the LGA boss

Hon. Ihenyinna Mgbeahuru
Hon. Ihenyinna Mgbeahuru


THE BRIDGE remains a builder in terms of human and infrastructural development. His capacity is superb and his services ‘a second to none’. Dear Osisioma Ngwa North constituents, now is the best time to redeem Osisioma Ngwa north state constituency with a man who knows what is the best for his people. He is one politician who admits to his faults and without any hesitation, whatsoever, will always impliment corrections irrespective of who is involved.

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The rescue mission is successful with THE BRIDGE.

By Amb. Obinna Njoku
Crusader for Good Governance

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