GREAT ACHIEVERS’ WORLD MAGAZINE HANGOUT 2022: Publisher, Inemesit Commends Participants

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GREAT ACHIEVERS’ WORLD MAGAZINE HANGOUT 2022: Publisher, Inemesit Commends Participants

It was glitz and glamour as the first edition of Great Achievers World Magazine’s WhatsApp Hangout was held in grand style.

The magazine’s group had planned a hangout a couple of months ago, pointing out the need to have a one-to-one meeting with one another, after four years of being together as a family, posting, commenting, disagreeing and agreeing.

The epoch making event took place on October 29, 2022 at Q10 Bar, Magodo, Shangisha, Lagos.

Lady Inemesit Ebu, the publisher of Great Achievers' World Magazine, leading the group in a brief prayer during their 2022 hangout.
Lady Inemesit Ebu, the publisher of Great Achievers’ World Magazine, leading the group in a brief prayer during their 2022 hangout.

In her remarks, the publisher of Achiever’s World Magazine and convener of the event, Lady Inemesit Ebu said:

“Initially when the need for a get-together arose, over 70% of the platform participants signified interest to be part of it.

Of course, with setting up a planning committee, headed by Engr. Ebho Abure, the modality of the event was streamlined. The number of interested participants reduced to 20%.IMG 20221101 WA0005 IMG 20221101 WA0007

The day eventually came. As members started arriving at the venue, they hadn’t known each other, since the admin of the group, Inemesit Ebu, was the only person they all had known physically. That was part of the fun.

Speaking further, she said: “My phone started ringing repeatedly as early arrivers to the venue could not meet with others who were around. They sat near each other but didn’t know themselves. When I asked them to meet with Engr. Ebho, they explained that they didn’t know him. Ebho was at the venue on time. He is an American trained man who respects time. As I eventually arrived with another female participant, Ekanem, they all sat together but didn’t really know each other.

Earlier, the Administrator of the WhatsApp group Ebu, officially welcomed members to the event before handing over the affairs of the day to the Master of Ceremony (MC), Mr. David Bassey.IMG 20221101 WA0011IMG 20221101 WA0004

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As the MC introduced each member, you could hear, “so this is Ebho, this is Mike Effiong, ah! so you’re Amb. Bassey, See David Bassey, etc.

Then came Barr. Mike Umonnan. As he was introduced, someone said “this is the man that said Poverty must apologize or he leaves the platform and he later exited because the man was not ready to apologize for insulting his Father in the Lord. Barr. Umonnan was welcomed with handshakes and hugs.

As Mr. Isaac Oghogho walked in, the atmosphere changed for all present. Hugs, handshakes and waving of hands at him were expressed. It was the very first time we all met him except for Mr. David Bassey who introduced him to the platform.

Of course, the ‘not too commenters’ on the platform came in like Mrs Ekanem Nwosu and Engr. Chris Udeme with others happy to know them as “monitoring readers” usually the first to read without making comments.

It was fun, fun, fun as members enjoyed the cool music on the background.

It was interesting sharing foods with one another. I can’t remember if anyone ate alone as foods were unconsciously shared by participants from one plate to another. It was a family gathering indeed. Drinks were shared from same bottles, meat, fish were eaten together from same plates. Note, we all had our separate plates of food and drinks but the joy of togetherness made us to reach out to each other’s plates for a taste or two.

Throughout the duration of the event, one name kept coming up. It was “Poverty Fighters’Squad”. We were all looking forward to having him in our midst to at least know who he was. Unfortunately, he was removed on grounds of too much abuses on the platform.

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A lot was benefited by participants at the event as networking was seriously done by members. Contacts were exchanged after members profile were brought to limelight. Quite interesting, I must say.

I must applaud the gentlemen who came with their wives. They added colour to the event. Thank you Mrs Uwemediimo Umonnan and Mrs Ama Bassey for accompanying your husbands to have fun.

At the end, the elated Publisher/Admin shared branded gifts to the participants to mark the day/4th anniversary of the Whatsapp group. She also appreciated the presence of Ms. Chinyere Ogidi, who left the group 3 years ago. She had fun too.

I must thank all who made this to happen. They are: Engr. Ebho Abure, who in addition to his support donated a carton of Red wine, Mr Mike Effiong, Barr. Mike Umonnan, Mr. Isaac Oghogho, Mr. David Bassey, Mrs Ekanem Nwosu, Amb. Bassey, Mr. Akinwole Agbose, Engr. Chris Udeme, Mrs Inyang Ubeng, Barr. Chuks Uzoka, Mr Odudu Arthur. Four of them couldn’t make it because of unforseen circumstances. Also, those who showed interest by pledging but couldn’t fulfill their promises due to one thing or the other, I salute you all. I must use this medium to express that our member who promised to donate to us Veleta wine and Rum stand at the event couldn’t fulfil his promise because they had too many events at the weekend, so couldn’t make it happen as planned.

I also want to use this medium to appreciate all members of the planning committee headed by Engr. Ebho Abure, for a job well done. God bless you all.

The Great Achievers World magazine’s WhatsApp group is an arm of the main magazine. The hangout will be a yearly event. We hope the next event will be much better.

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