Fronteirs for Digital Development 2022, powered by TechChange

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Fronteirs for Digital Development 2022, powered by TechChange

Nigeria hosted The Frontiers of Digital Development Forum (FDDF) watch party in Lagos on the 2nd of November, 2022; The Crypto Verse Philanthropy; Nation states, foundations, and billionaires. The Global Digital Development Forum, by Tech Change, serves to consider more aspirational technologies and their practical utility (or lack thereof) for large-scale humanitarian and development objectives.

The objective of the hybrid forum, which gave 30 participants the opportunity to attend physically and other global citizens across the globe, were in the session to be part of tough conversations on frontier tech.

FDDF Ambassador Lilian Efobi hosted on the panel; Senator Ihenyen; a leading Partner at Infusion Lawyers where he heads the FinTech, Blockchain and Virtual Assets Practice of the law firm and Anthony Chimeremeze Onwukwe; a Blockchain Enthusiast, Product Manager and a Co-founder of Asset Cradle.IMG 20221119 WA0007

The panellist discussed Bitcoin and Cryptoverse Philanthropy as a growing trend, how you can do it, why it matters for human rights, as well as discuss how it affects today’s leadership.

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The cryptoverse is full of promises and potential for social causes, as there have been recent cases of how the new blockchain technology is dedicated to fundraising for philanthropic efforts to make an impact on the world. Discussions featured the case of the #ENDSARS – a campaign against police brutality that evolved into a mass protest which was funded by Bitcoin and supported by Billions and leaders such as Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. Bitcoin has also become a force for liberty in other justice causes such as the war in Ukraine and other human rights fighters in places like Belarus, Myanmar, Cuba, and many more.

The participants of the Forum workshop; student innovators, non for profit leaders and social entrepreneurs were engaged on fundraising via the Good Dollar platform;  an online non-profit protocol to enable every person with a cell phone to be able to experience, learn, and use digital currency, by claiming free Universal Basic Income; Good Dollar (G$) each day to support social good causes across the globe.

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The session co-convener Olumide Areo said that “there’s no doubt that the philanthropic landscape is changing, and we as impact contributors need to make sure we’re not left behind. While crypto donations may not be a perfect fit for every organisation or cause, they can be an incredibly powerful tool in the hands of people who are passionate about social justice issues and doing business of social good that benefit their communities.”IMG 20221119 WA0006

The session which lasted for about 1hr 30mins ended with the panellist Senator Ihenyen conclusion; we don’t yet know how much this new wave of giving will affect the world at large—but we do know that there’s no better time than now to start thinking about how important it is for everyone who wants peace around the world to contribute towards a digital environment where everyone can thrive together as equals.

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