ABIA AT 32: Reaffirms commitment to salary prompt payment, charges state institutions on diligence, support for govt’s initiatives

Dr. Alex Otti
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ABIA AT 32: Reaffirms commitment to salary prompt payment, charges state institutions on diligence, support for govt’s initiatives

Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti has reaffirmed the commitment of the Labour Party administration to promptly and regularly pay salaries of civil servants in the State.

He, however, charged workers across state institutions on the need for a recommitment to becoming diligent in their duties and supporting unalloyedly, the reform initiatives and programmes of the government.

Alex Otti, while speaking at the Abia Day Celebration in Umuahia, the State’s capital, today, Sunday, August 27, in his address titled: ‘OUR DUTY TO THE NEXT GENERATION’, reiterated the resolve his government to stop at nothing in ensuring that the labour of the founding fathers of the state would not be consigned to oblivion.

According to the Governor, Abia fathers fought for the creation of “this state in the confidence that its potentials for greatness would be best actualised by becoming a distinct entity, defined by peculiar traditions and values of the people.”

The renowned world class Economist insisted that the need to harness the potential of the State remained “a sacred obligation, a duty we owe the next generation and we cannot afford to fail for that would be the ultimate betrayal.”

Below is the full speech:


Being A speech Delivered on the 32nd Anniversary of the Creation of Abia State on Sunday, August 27, 2023, Umuahia, Abia State.

1.My fellow Abians, let me begin by thanking the Almighty God for preserving our lives as we mark the 32nd anniversary of the creation of our dear state, Abia, by the Gen. Ibrahim Babangida military administration.

2.I must also express my deepest gratitude for the efforts, commitment and immense sacrifices of the founding fathers of this great state, the individuals who tasked themselves and contributed in diverse ways to the creation of the state we know today as Abia, God’s own state.

3.We cannot thank these celebrated heroes of the struggle enough for leveraging everything at their disposal to ensure that Abia was created. I also thank them for their vision and for insisting that justice and fairness must be the basic conditions of our existence as a people.

4.All the military administrators and governors we have had in the last 32 years are also worthy of appreciation for contributing individually and collectively to the growth and development of our state; we thank them for offering themselves to serve and for giving the best they could.

5.Words of deep gratitude must also go to the prominent sons and daughters of our dear state for consistently telling the world, through their commitment to excellence and sound leadership values, that we are indeed, a land of great men and women.

6.Your contributions to the development and evolution of modern science, medicine, finance, economics, law and jurisprudence, diplomacy and several other fields of human endeavour have not only brought immense sense of pride to Abia but have enriched human experiences across frontiers.

  1. Thank you for using your skills, talents and high sense of professionalism to bring honour to our land and most importantly, for being worthy role models to the present and future generations of Ndi Abia.
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8.Going further, I am obliged to salute the courage and resilience of ordinary Abians. The Abia we are celebrating today could have been entirely different but for your efforts and commitments to doing your honest day’s work in dignity.

9.Thank you for being cheerful and optimistic even in the darkest nights, for believing that a brighter day would come. You have done great things and generations unborn shall continue to celebrate you.

10.Many who began with us in 1991 have since gone to be with their Maker but we shall never forget all that they gave that we might have a better society. As a people, we shall continue to honour and venerate their memories for all the great things they represented in their lifetimes.

  1. Dear brothers and sisters, today offers us an opportunity to think deeply and reflect. To look at how far we have come and think about how farther we can go. We have come a long way but the road ahead is still far. While we pat ourselves on the back for having come thus far, we must have it at the back of our minds that our founding fathers expect so much more.

12.As you are aware, a new chapter was opened for us on the 18th of March this year when we trooped out in our numbers to elect the kind of leadership we believe the state deserved for so long but has never had; a leadership that is dedicated to unlocking the dormant potentials of our land.

13.In your resolute determination to break away from the past, you braved endless intimidation and blackmail while insisting that it was about time we began the next phase of our journey, towards the destination our founding fathers had in mind.

14.I must thank you all again for demonstrating that peculiar courage that had long defined us. All throughout history, the people that lived in the geographical area now known as Abia stood at the forefront of every struggle against injustice.46. I am already excited with the prospects of these for job creation, opportunities for local contractors and multiple streams of support to the local economy.

  1. Beyond what we have achieved in terms of tangibles, it may interest you to note that we are also very keen on refining governance processes and systems for efficiency and transparency.
  2. We are currently working on a raft of reforms that would streamline procurement processes in the public sector to cut out abuses. The new framework will give genuine businesses operating in the state a pathway to enjoy significant patronages from the government as part of our initiative to support and grow local businesses.
  3. We are also working on several projects that would benefit MSMEs, small holder farmers, and cooperatives in all parts of the state. Our priority is to expand the frontiers of opportunities in ways that deepen the traditional entrepreneurial capacities of our people.
  4. The attorney general’s office, in line with my campaign promise, is concluding the draft of major reforms initiatives which are designed to strengthen institutions and enhance their capacities to meet our development agenda.
  5. For effective and accountable management of funds and support from multilateral organisations and agencies, I have set up a dedicated office to specifically coordinate and interface with the global and regional institutions to enable us make the most of intervention funding opportunities for critical projects in the state.
  6. While the intervention programmes and projects had been rife with procedural abuses in the past, I am now determined to make sure that going forward, no individual or group is allowed to exploit our people nor expose the state to situations that weaken our capacity to negotiate and get fairer deals when the opportunities arise.
  7. In the last 90 days, the executive branch of government has continued to forge special but respectful relationships with the other arms of government for the purpose of strengthening our democratic experience and I am grateful for the support and cooperation I have got thus far from the leaders of the legislature and judiciary in the state.
  8. I shall continue to work hard to deepen these relationships while ensuring that disagreements, which are common in democratic engagements, are quickly resolved and the energy of every stakeholder channelled to serving the public with sincerity.
  9. I pledge to remain prudent in the management of your resources and do hereby assure that accountability and responsibility shall remain central to my administration. Your resources shall be used to work for you.
  10. While I pledge to continue to do my part, may I also invite you to do your own part because getting it right is a collective obligation. Support the government by paying your taxes and other statutory fees, especially now that we have set up series of systems that support smooth and seamless payments across digital platforms for formal and informal sector payments.
  11. Join the fight against crime by quickly reporting any suspicious movement or persons within your vicinity to the nearest security agency because as you know, security is everyone’s business. We cannot have a secure Abia if we are indifferent to events that may threaten the security of our neighbourhoods.
  12. I reaffirm the commitment of this administration to prompt and regular payment of salaries. However, the workers across state institutions must recommit themselves to being diligent in their duties; actively supporting the reform initiatives and programmes of the government.
  13. Our fathers fought for the creation of this state in the confidence that its potentials for greatness would be best actualised by becoming a distinct entity, defined by peculiar traditions and values of the people. Actualising this potential has become a sacred obligation, a duty we owe the next generation and we cannot afford to fail for that would be the ultimate betrayal.
  14. The torch has since been handed down to us and we must keep it shining. Happy Abia Day Ndi Abia and may the blessings of God remain with us for the great journey ahead. Thank you for listening.
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Dr. Alex Otti OFR, Governor,
Abia State.

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