SENATE PRESIDENT: My Ambition Is To Serve Nigeria, Orji Uzor Kalu Declares

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
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ASENATE PRESIDENT: My Ambition Is To Serve Nigeria, Orji Uzor Kalu Declares

By Comrade Bello Osaretin

“I will be a senate president for all, irrespective of party affinity, tribe, religion and ethnicity.” Orji Uzor kalu asserts.

A fortnight ago, Sen Orji Uzor kalu declared to seek for the highest position in the Senate, and looking at the quality of his leadership disposition, the interest of Nigerians seems to be upmost in his agenda, for the urge to join hands with the president-elect, other senators-elect and well meaning Nigerians to build a great country one could be proud to call Nigeria, is the driving force and passion behinds OUK’s ambition, that he has stated without missing words to emphasize.

However, he has also called on all and sundry to give him the opportunity and necessary support from his immediate constituency and outside the purview of the Senate to enable him render more services to the people, therefore he genuinely sought for collaboration and prayers to achieve the purpose of his dreams of becoming the next Senate president, essentially to make good legislations to the benefit of humanity.

As a young man, he has long believed in hard work, dignity in labour, self respect and integrity, the volume of his achievements are in the public domain for scrutiny, Orji Uzor kalu has been a goal getter in the pursuit of several business interest both in the private and public sectors. Today, one is quick to note the unbroken record, as one of the youngest governor ever elected in Nigerian political history, that nobody has come close to erase that singular honour of achievement.

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Since OUK’S expression of interest and subsequently public declaration for the Senate president, the volume of his support base has increased tremendously across the length and breadth of the country and party lines.

No fewer than sixty nine senators have declared support for OUK’s ambition and still counting as more signatories are being collated as of the time of this write up. This is not to mentioned hundreds of support groups that has independently taken the battle cry to the market square.

The multiple endorsement has not come to us as a surprise, looking at the quality of the man Orji Uzor kalu political pedigree, a former governor, a serving Senator, Senate Chief Whip and principal officer, a business mogul, a proven character, a mentor, an icon, a detribalized Nigerian, a role model to millions of Nigerians across ethnic divide, a man of impeccable character, a team player, a bridge builder, a father, a game changer, philanthropist and above all, a patriot.

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Orji Uzor kalu does not look at his strength as a factor to achieve his dreams alone, that informed the decision, understanding and need for teamwork, synergy and collaboration of all Nigerians to succeed in the race for Senate president.

Sen Orji Uzor kalu is amongst the few Nigerians that has stood up to defend democracy in the face of tyranny and daunting challenges to stop the third term ambition of a political dinosaur.

It is instructive to state how we got here and the need to reward heroes of democracy, for a man who stood tall to redeem the oppressed from the shackles of political demons and baracoders, shouldn’t he be given the opportunity to take his rightful place at this auspicious moment of Grace, especially when others crawled into hiding? OUK and other lovers of democracy were in the trenches to ensure third term ambition was defeated and buried for democracy to strive, a man that has displayed such bravery, isn’t he deserving the position of Senate president as an appreciation of the good work of yesterday. Haba Who else ? If not OUK.

United together and stronger for OUK..


Comrade Bello Osaretin
A political alchemist
Writes from Abuja.

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