World Youth Day: Be Patriotic, Umuahia North ADC Candidate, Amalambu Charges Nigerian Youths

Rev. Dr. Blessed U. Amalambu
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World Youth Day: Be Patriotic, Umuahia North ADC Candidate, Amalambu Charges Nigerian Youthsre

As various Nations of the world celebrate the annual World Youths Day, Rev. Dr. Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu, candidate for State House of Assembly, Umuahia North State Constituency, in Abia State have advised Nigerian youths to imbibe the spirit of patriotism.

Rev. Amalambu who is also the Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN), maintained that Nigeria in its present state needed a collaborative effort of from both adults, youths and her leaders.

The famous clergy gave this charge, weekend, while interacting with newsmen on the ordeals of Nigerian youths as instigated by the system of Government.

Rev. Amalambu decried the rate of unemployment among the teaming youths, majority of who he regretted were graduates and considerably employable.

Moreso, he expressed acrimony towards the rising indulgence in crime and all manner of social vices by some youths across the country.

He, however, blamed the rate of irresponsibility and indulgence in various social vices as are common among some youths, on the extant poor leadership system, pointing out that some were compel to abandon their education consequent on the dilapidated condition of Nigeria.

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In his words:

“I want to sensitise Nigerian youths on the need to be patriotic citizens because Nigeria in its present state demands a collaborative efforts from both adults, youths and her leaders.

“I’m aware that because of the trend of leadership in Nigeria, most of our youths have dropped out of school, some who graduated are still unemployed, and this has given room for all kinds of atrocities which naturally wasn’t in the lives of the youths, because I have interacted with a lot of people particularly youths. And, so, I found out that most youths who indulge in some criminal activities such as cybercrime are forced into it by the situations they found themselves in”, he wailed.

While he blamed the corrupt leadership system, the ADC candidate reiterated his contrary view to the state of Nigeria and her citizenry, as he advised the youths on the importance of skills acquisition.

He said: Because I know in Nigeria today, when the government does not give a job, you can create a job for yourself. We have varieties of opportunities today open for everyone who wants to make wealth through a legitimate way and so no knowledge is a waste.

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Revd. Dr. Blessed U. Amalambu.
Revd. Dr. Blessed U. Amalambu.

He regretted that rate at which the quest for fast wealth has jeopardised the souls of many youths, saying, “today, we have that get-rich-quick syndrome which has lured many especially youths into all kinds of crimes.

He advised youths in his immediate Constituency and Nigeria in general to shun corruption and crime but acquire skills with a view to becoming employers of labour.

Furthermore, he emphasised the virtue of determination and dedication in the course of their apprenticeship, saying, “a lot of the successful businessmen are not educated but dedication and determination took them up. They were devoted to what they learnt and today they have become CEOs of many companies.

The youths oriented candidate used the medium to implore the people of Umuahia North to cast their votes in his favour in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

He pledged his commitment to ensuring that youths of his Constituency are gainfully employed, if elected into office.


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