Why The Choice Of Chuku Wachuku For Abia Central Senatorial 2023 (OPINION)

Chuku Wachuku (2R) matching with his supporters.
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Why The Choice Of Chuku Wachuku For Abia Central Senatorial 2023 (OPINION)



By Jaja Martins


The momentum of support for Chief Chuku Wachuku, the YPP Senatorial Candidate for Abia Central Zone in the 2023 General Elections cannot be questioned.


Apart from the Umunneato divide of Abia Centre which recently adopted him as their Consensus Senatorial Candidate, the Ikwuano/Umuahia bloc, earlier this year, published their resolve to allow senate power revolve back to Umunneato, after holding it for eight (8) years. The letters of the communique, as released, favour Isiala Ngwa North where the YPP Senatorial Candidate is the only person in the race.

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Compared with the other delinquent and defiant contenders in the race who are running against public appeal, Chief Wachuku, the Abia Central Senatorial hopeful, is enjoying extra ordinary magmatic force of approval among the voting populace because of his enviable antecedents and his well-articulated campaign policy thrusts.IMG 20221209 084750


While desperate political wayfarers present themselves visionless and clueless of strategic action plans, the man Abia Central voters want, Chief Chuku Wachuku – Urichindere, is wanted largely because he knows the road to people-oriented leadership.


He set out from the outset with mouth-watering policy objectives, backed by mechanisms to realize them. They are:

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✓ Family Economic Empowerment, not Keke Napep Empowerment

✓ Good and Sustainable Jobs, not Rice (2 cups)

✓ Wealth Creation, not Gifts, and above all

✓ Transfer of Power to the Next Generation.


Is it surprising why the song everywhere is; “Follow who know road ooo,

Aaahh Eeehh,

Follow who know road ooo,

Na Chuku Wachuku uuu”?


For Abia Central Senate Seat, Chief Chuku Wachuku has been summarily and widely described as the right man at the right time from the right place.


Join us as we continue in our series!


Jaja Martins





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