Why he ended the Relationship.
… Decoration, Appendixes, Attachments or what?
With RN Egbulefu

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Parents or guardians should discourage their relatives including wives from all these earthly needs or attachments.

Everybody is beautiful or handsome before God because He created every creature in His own image.

You may not determine or discover your potential suitor on your best attire. Such dressings deceive people. What one requires is to appear neat as he or she avoids body odours.

As Christians, we should be certified or contented with the way God created us. Remember that everybody arrived the world naked.

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The Almighty Father has His reasons for creating us in different outlooks.

A young man saw a lady for the first time during revelling and developed interest in her as he was seeking a life partner.

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The woman dressed gorgeously with very long hairs nearly a little far to her stomach with pointed nose, long fingers, fitted eyelids and other attachments which the young man did not know that they were not part of her natural beauty.

They later exchanged addresses. The gentleman promised to visit her at his convenient time after he heard from her about her schedules and time she could be met at home..

Few weeks later, the man with one of his nephews decided to pay impromptu visit to the assumed queen.

When the men arrived the residence described by her, they met a lady with a low cut and grey hairs sitting in front of the house washing clothes while chewing stick.

At the time the visitors told her that they wanted to see Angery, she then asked whether there was any problems. They responded in a pleasing smile and said Not All.

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The lady then responded that she was the one and ushered them into her one room apartment with secondary fresh introductions by both parties.

The lady later left to buy some drinks for the men which gave them the opportunity to discuss her.

Waaaoooo, seeing is believing! The man did not believe that the little aged lady was the one he met during a party. That was the end of the intended relationship.

Please always appear natural and stop the unnecessary attachments to your body. Christians should dress modestly as no body can see God without Holiness.

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