The Man Okey Ahaiwe: Renowned Compassionate Leader

Chief Emeka Ahaiwe
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The Man Okey Ahaiwe: Renowned Compassionate Leader

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In life, to many, leadership is an innate trait, to some, it is inherited while to others, it is developed.
However, to me, leadership with a compassionate attitude is a rare virtue.

This unusual virtue of compassion is the quality that brings one to the point of needs of the suffering masses. It takes compassion to be liberal to those who flock around you. Although power can be acquired, but the compassionate will to do good with power is innate, inborn and instinctual.

Sir Okey Ahaiwe, the PDP Governorship Candidate in Abia State is a man known by all and sundry for his obvious liberal and compassionate style of living.
Little wonder he is endeared to many, hence both the young and the old have his name on their lips.

Dee Okey, as fondly addressed by his people, irrespective of his age, has unsolicitedly earned the unconditional love and respect of his people of Ngwa extraction. Unlike the everyday wealthy neighbours, Sir Okechukwu Ambrose Ahaiwe runs an open gate policy, both at home and the work place.

Known for his liberal mind of hospitality Dee Okey has, for the past two decades, engaged a professional caterer in his country home, just to make sure that anybody that comes around is properly taken care of. His attitudinal benevolence and relationship with the poor and downtrodden induces a sigh of relief each time he returns home. A product of compassion! It is this same compassion that made Christ Jesus to order for fish and loves of bread to replenish the multitude after preaching to them. What can a leader do without natural instincts for compassion?

Sir Okechukwu Ambrose Ahaiwe, sooner than he was appointed Chief of Staff to the Governor, electrified the Government House with his characteristic lifestyle of compassionate leadership. As far as attending to people and issues brought to him is concerned, down-to-earth Ahaiwe knows no class. He hates first rate attention where it is unjust and unfair. As a man guided by the principle of equal opportunity, the former Chief of Staff allows and promotes unhindered access to his office and home.

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