My Dream is to bring development back on track in Arochukwu State Constituency… Ike Okorafor

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My Dream is to bring development back on track in Arochukwu State Constituency… Ike Okorafor

Ban Ki-moon, former United Nations Secretary-General postulated that Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all, which offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.

As 2023 draws nearer which is an election moment, aspirants all over the country have started consulting and declaring their interest to represent their people in various elective positions. While others may see it as an opportunity to amass wealth for themselves and their families, some are craving for the opportunity which will give them the leverage and the platform to use the instrument of government and the resources within their ambit to bring development and better the lives of their people, thereby creating a legacy that would not be easily erased.

Few of such men who believe and have aligned themselves with the population made by the Former UN Secretary-General includes Prince Ike Okorafor, an American based scholar, researcher and illustrious son of Abam Onyerubi in Arochukwu LGA who has declared his interest to represent the good people of Arochukwu LGA at the Abia State House of Assembly.

It will interest you to note that apart from his avowed determination to bring effective and efficient representation by attracting meaningful projects and embark on the provision of infrastructures and amenities that will impact positively on his people and the society at large, Prince Ike Okorafor has used his foundation, to bring development in Abam and it’s environs.

While many indigent pupils are enjoying his scholarship scheme, Prince Ike Okorafor has empowered the men and women and has also created that enabling environment for the survival of the less privileged. Being aware that Education plays an important role in National development, one of his policy statements while addressing some young men has been his innate desire to ensure that modalities are put in place to at least create a serene environment for academic learning and provide the logistics for those who could not afford access to quality education in every clan that makes up the State constituency.

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As a Public Health Specialist, Prince Ike Okorafor is aware of the prime importance of health. Touched by the incessant and precarious situation of our public health systems and especially the women, Prince Ike Okorafor has under the auspices of his foundation organised Public Health Seminars where the girls and women were lectured on personal hygiene and ways mortality rate can be reduced. Though he has continued to support the women and also extended his benevolent heart to those stuck in the hospital due to inability to pay their hospital bills, Prince Ike Okorafor has also provided grants as a form of empowerment to the women and the men including the youths to support their business to enable them to fend for themselves and become self-reliant.

As a lover of development, Prince Ike Okorafor has continued to interact with his people and stakeholders to brainstorm ideas on how to bring the needed development in his constituency when elected.

Prince Ike Okorafor has all these years acquired the necessary training, skills and competencies to serve humanity.

As an indomitable patriot, fearless and visionary leader, vigorous combater against injustice and underdevelopment, Prince Ike Okorafor’s sterling qualities and colossal antecedents have endeared many groups, churches and communities to him while in appreciation of his humanitarian acts and exemplary leadership, has been honoured with numerous awards and chieftaincy titles, among which include his recent conferment of chieftaincy title of DIKE OGU 1 OF ABAM ONYERUBI by the Abam Traditional Rulers Council.

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Thus, as he aspires to represent his people, Prince Ike Okorafor is poised to achieve good governance through effective legislation and better representation of his people at the Abia State House of Assembly. To achieve this, he said, ” I will make accessibility and transparency my watchword”.

Also, in his philosophy of service, Prince Ike Okorafor’s vision is to provide human empowerment through capacity building, employment and infrastructural development.

Prince Ike Okorafor.
Prince Ike Okorafor.

The people of Arochukwu State Constituency will not be making a mistake by giving him their mandate to represent them because he has the wherewithal to discharge his legislative duties to the admiration of all and sundry. He is academically, morally, financially and intellectually sound coupled with his private and public sector experience to perform optimally.

According to Ike Okorafor, the growth and development of people are the highest callings of leadership, therefore, it’s expedient that the people of the Arochukwu State constituency should rally around and give him all the necessary supports that he needs to be victorious.

It’s time to get rid of the selfish and clannish leaders who have done nothing for their people while occupying the position and vote in this man of the people, a grassroots and a selfless leader who is determined to bring that needed change and pilot the affairs of Arochukwu State Constituency to an enviable height.

” As people had lost trust in governance. Getting back that trust, there is need to instil a sense of hope and belief that good governance and development would be back on track, and that will be my biggest achievement”, Prince Ike Okorafor.

Prince Ike Okorafor is ready to liberate his people from the shackles of underdevelopment.


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