MBAITOLU STATE CONSTITUENCY 2023 : Political Detractors Are Launching False Blackmail Against Me – Mezie

All progressives Congress, APC.
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MBAITOLU STATE CONSTITUENCY 2023 : Political Detractors Are Launching False Blackmail Against Me – Mezie


Worried by the recent campaign of calumny and blackmail being launched against his person, Hon. Emma Mezie, a chieftain of APC and a political leader in Mbaitolu Council Area of Imo State for honouring an invitation for leadership constituency briefing organized Hon. Okey Onyekanma, the PDP candidate representing the Constituency in the State Assembly as flirty lies orchestrated to tarnish his good image and reputation.

Mezie who’s also a strong political leader in Integrity Group Initiative (IGI) which is a campaign structure for Mr. Akarachi Amadi of the famous Akarachi Foundation for Mbaitolu/Ikeduru ( Mbaike)2023 Federal Constituency aspirant under APC political platform disclosed this while reacting from news men on the allegations against him and his political career.

According to him “how can a constituency briefing of Hon. Okey Onyekama 2021 being mispresented to be Onyekama’s 2023 Mbaitoli State House of Assembly candidate election adoption by me as alleged by insensitive political jobbers” he queried.

The political leader raised some pertinent questions that needs to be addressed, for instance “did Hon. Okey Onyekama invitation to Mbaitoli leaders which I am one among others that attended, a crime? Was any issue or topic for 2023 election raised at such meeting? Did I move vote of confidence to the third mile stone report card of his achievements or an Adoption for 2023 candidature ? Is Hon. Okey Onyekama representing Mbaitoli or PDP ?” he asked seeking for clarifications.

He pointed out that as a leader of note, that he is very cautious stepping on people’s toes and should he refused to add his voice for the Law maker to be recalled as suspended member and be allowed to complete his elected tenure.

He reiterated that For the sake of clearification, he never adopted Onyekanma as his current representative for 2023 Election House of Assembly candidature.

The political tactician observed that he’s not a member of PDP and therefore very much incompetent to adopt him for an election he will not be involved in it’s primary election.

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Mezie further observed that he has an uncompleted project from a different line up and political position and therefore can not conflict the House of Representatives persuit of his IGI project to a different lower persuit even far off his APC membership.

According to him “I stand to correct the mischievous propaganda that I Emma Meziem O in a public place ie Okey Onyekama’s Eziome Mbieri ancestral home adopted him for 2023 Mbaitoli House of Assembly candidature and election.

I have a good political record and stand to plead with Mbaitoli leaders across board to maintain their love and support for Engr. Akarachi Amadi. Akarachi is my mandate. I beg never to respond to any further details or publication. I have taken the publication so far made in good faith. I have a role to support any APC State House Aspirant as we progresses.God direct Mbaitoli. IGI, the time is now!!!” he assured.

He further recalled that at the occasion many other leaders spoke including Hon. Eugene Onyeji, an APC chieftain, alias Villa Pharmy and a two term Mbaitoli representative move the 2nd motion on Hon. Okey Onyekama not me which should be addressed after I have spoken on his report card achievement and request for his recall from his suspension to complete his four year tenure.

He insisted that political statement on fair play is not a crime expressing dismay why he should be accused on what he did not say or do. Why do we have inter party relationship. Why is IPAC in existence supporting the government.

Mezie advised Mbaitoli political leaders to stop playing politics with bitterness, expressing disgustment on when interfacing with his State House representative from another party in a Constituency meeting have become a crime in Mbaitoli ? And to commend a good work of an existing House member in Imo state has become a crime in Mbaitoli saying that Ahiazu LGA House member for example paid a two million naira hospital bill of his family challenger’s son.

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He cautioned against playing politics across board than extreme diachotomy and hatred observing that at such Constituency Briefing, we can make a point of lobbying when you see any group with capacity. That’s politics. An extremist can be a good Politician. Many of us joined APC from PDP.

Mezie who insisted that False testimony against a decent and matured politicians is not helping the society at all.

He queried the disclaimer by asking. “Did I represent IGI or Akarachi Foundation. was IGI invited to the Constituency Briefing. What has my invitation as one of the leaders in Mbaitoli and I made a comment on my personal remark. Which 2023 adoption and election was never raised or discussed. What has Akarachi Foundation to do with Hon. Okey Onyekama invitation for his Constituency Briefing. So I have no fundamental right to express my personal view Did my leadership person in Mbaitoli comment conveyed as IGI or Akarachi Foundation DG in representation. This is to give a dog a bad name to hang him. Lack of trust is playing out. Internal conspiracy is an old game plan” he put on alert.

Political pundits are saying, It’s very important to know what was the unguided statement made by Chief Meziem that warranted his suspension? What are the necessary disciplinary measures extended to Chief Meziem before the suspension directive ? Did Chief Meziem represented as IGI DG at constituency briefing.

The briefing is it restricted without peoples comments ?

They have posted in social media that Emma Meziem is suspended and delisted from all IGI network and platforms blocking him, did due processes followed and was Meziem given fair hearing ?

It’s an obvious truth that most often false testimony against a decent and matured politician is not helping political structures at all.

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