MARCH 18: Organization of Abia Indigenes In USA Endorses LP’s Otti *Otti is to Abia what Obi would be to Nigeria, Abians Told

Dr. Alex Otti
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MARCH 18: Organization of Abia Indigenes In USA Endorses LP’s Otti

*Otti is to Abia what Obi would be to Nigeria, Abians Told



By Charity Uwakwe


Members of the Organization of Abia indigenes in the USA (OAI-USA), an assembly of sons and daughters of Abia State, Nigeria, in the United States, have unanimously expressed their strong and unflinching support for Dr. Alex Ott, the Labor Party candidate for Abia State Governor.


This is even as residents of Abia fasten their belts in utter readiness to elect their choice of candidates in the forthcoming Governorship and state House of Assembly elections, slated for Saturday, March 18.




The organization, in a statement jointly signed by the President and Secretary-general, Mr. Chidi Enyia and Prof. Abbuba Khalu, respectively, and made available to, today, March 13.


According to the release, the organization urged Abians to turn out massively and vote for Dr. Otti, on March 18, 2023, assuring that “everything we looked at in our comparative analysis points to one fact: Otti is to Abia what Obi would be to Nigeria.”


Abia indigenes in the USA decried the dilapidated condition of Abia as well as the obvious spate of starvation ravaging the land, as perpetrated by some political profiteers, they assured Abians of an inevitable ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ with the emergence of Alex Otti.



The release read in detail:


Ndi Abia in The United States of America Endorse Dr. Alex Otti — The Lab or Party Candidate for Abia State Gubernatorial Election, March 18, 2023 Organization of Abia Indigenes in the USA (OAI-USA)



The Organization of Abia indigenes in the USA (OAI-USA) is an assembly of sons and daughters of A bia State, Nigena, in the United States. This press release is to express our strong and unfettered support for Dr. Alex Ott, the Labor Party candidate for Abia State Governor. Our choice of the candida te is based on our appraisal of the governance problems that have engulfed Abia in the last 24 years and a comprehensive and objective evaluation of all the candidates running for the office of the gov

ernor in the March, 2023 election.


Since the return of democratic dispensation in Nigeria in 1999, we have watched with utter horror, the destruction of our homeland Abia by politicians in pursuit of their own depraved comfort. They seem to have been totally and absolutely uninhibited by the moral promptings of conscience and integrity. Abia Governors so far have been consumed by a perverse zest for life’s sordid, boundless pleasures, frittering the State’s resources to satisfy their iniquitous insatiable desires. Because of the profrigate behaviour of our governors in the last 24-years, every aspect of life in Abia State has been viciously and sadistically decrmated. Happiness has become the exclusive preserve of politicians and their cromes. Politicians have therefore repeatedly and increasingly wielded the instrument of governmen t asa potent weapon for pauperizing the populace, exploiting the lament able feeble economic srtuat! on of the people, which resulted from their lack of governance and corruption.



Because, many of our people might not be able to see through the fog of falsehoods and mischievous accolades that have saturated the airwaves from the state media, it ts pertinent to retrace the locus of leadership successions in Abia State since the return of democracy in 1999. Our people will recall that the lately sanctimonious governor was imposed on the people of Abia by his dissolute predecessor godfather in 2007; he then after four years in office, in a mea culpa asked the naive and hopeful, trusting, God-fearing and forgiving Abians to give him another four years and watch him perform since he had become unshackled from the grip of his godfather and profligacy. As it turned out, his lugubrious rhetorical gambit did not mold a single block of hope for the masses in Abia, instead, the fortune of Abia continued tts decline to its lowest ebb At the end of his second term (in 2015) he then, using the PDP instrument of power, lunched an effort to foist another undesired and undesi rable leader on the people of Abia from the same political ancestry. They successfully whisked away the electoral victory from a noble son of Abia, Dr. Alex Ott: who clearly, without a doubt won that ele ction at the pools. We applaud NdiAbia for their conscientiousness and collective wisdom to vote fo r Dr. Ott overwhelmingly both in 2015 and 2019, albert the victory was sequentially stolen by the un scrupulous power peddlers in our land. Abia POP governors have since 1999 perpetuated themselve s by picking their cronies to succeed them, notwithstanding their lack of capacity and ability to do th e work. This must stop.


OAI-USA Is therefore calling on all Abians again to liber ate themselves and our fatherland fro m this polrical stranglehold by severing the umbilical cord that perpetuate this evil political lineage.


Fortunately, we have a choice that would avail us of the opportuntty to defy the imposition of a man handpicked by a governor who like his predecessor godfather doubled down on depravity Abians must wakeup and exercise their inalienable rights to choose their governor Thankfully, this time aroun d, the likelihood of successful rigging of the election is next to zero Now that our vote ts all but certa in to count, we must use it to support Dr Ott again, this time. We cannot afford to watch our homel and continue to dangerously and irretrievably go adrift, with tts ship of state rapidly approaching a p recipice. We have with frustrating embarrassment watched how over the years our State has been portrayed in worldwide media as the worst State in Nigeria as It continues to descend lower and low er in the rung clutch of the perking order among Nigerian States. We vehemently loathe and decry th e unflattering pictures of Aba the former Japan of Africa, which has become a huge slump cum land fill, and other innumerable evidence of government menace and neglect in our State. We are ready n ow to cease the opportunity and take our State back.

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OAI-USA has conscientiously conducted a thorough research on all the candidates for the A bia State gubernatorial election slated for March 18, 2023, with meticulous detail. A comparative an alysis of the antecedents, capacity, character, and qualifications of all the Abia State gubernatorial c andidates was conducted by a high-power committee appointed by the OAI-USA President, Mr. Chidi Enyia. It took the committee seven months (including the travel time to access data at home) to reach their irrefutable conclusion, which was unanimously accepted by the OAI-USA members. Our res earch findings show that Dr. Alex Ottis supremely qualified to steer the affairs of the State and reve rse the damages that have been done in the last several years. While a few of the other candidates may be marginally qualified, Dr. Ott: is indubrt ably head and shoulder above any one else in the field. We thank God for his resilience and deasion to make the enormous economec sacrifice to keep on fi ghting for the chance to save our State from total collapse. We therefore ask our people all our peo ple, to join hands with this God sent son of Abia and redeem Abia. Since the law does not permit us to vote, we have enlisted Abians and friends of Abia in the United States to help us by persuading all their friends and family in Abia to vote for Dr. Otti and to help him in anyway they can to ensure victory for Abia. We are through this press release asking all Abians to turn out massively and vote for Dr. Otti, again on March 18, 2023. Everything we looked at in our comparative analysis points to one fact: Otti is to Abia what Obi would be to Nigeria. Please vote for Dr. N

Alex Otti, Labor Party Candidate for Governor.

Below are copies of the press release:IMG 20230314 093223 IMG 20230314 093905



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