MARCH 18: APC HoA Female Candidate Alleges Abandonment By Party, Guber Candidate In Abia

Hon. Chief (Mrs.) Christiana Ogbonna
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Rev. (Dr.) Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu

MARCH 18: APC HoA Female Candidate Alleges Abandonment By Party, Guber Candidate In Abia

By Charity Uwakwe

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate for Umuahia East state constituency in Abia State, Mrs. Nnennya Christiana Ogbonna has alleged abandonment by the party’s gubernatorial hopeful, High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

Mrs. Ogbonna reportedly said that, unlike other political parties in Abia State, her party has not been carrying her along following her victory at the supreme court over his preferred Candidate.

“I am a candidate of APC, Abia state House of Assembly, for my constituency, Umahia East State Constituency.

“I won in the Court because the man I contested with ikechi Eminike’s faction, and after the court decided that it was me that won the primary election, ikechi is not working with me.

“He only believes that a woman cannot go for that position because I expected him as a father, I’ve gone to him, I’ve made my contacts to reach him, yet all my efforts were in avail.

“As a father, I expected him to call his people, call his sons and daughters so that we can work together as a party, for that reason, no privilege, no assistance from the party.

“All the money that is supposed to come to us from the party or from anywhere is coming directly to him and he is holding that money”. she said.

She accused the APC gubernatorial candidate of neglecting her because of her gender while maintaining that even though his running mate is a woman, perhaps it’s a make-belief to convey people’s votes at the polls.

“The governorship candidate of my party is not carrying me along, because we have two factions in Abia state, Ikechi Emenike’s and Uche Ogah’s factions. But, as High Chief Ikechi Emenike won in the Supreme Court, we expected him to carry everyone of us along.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike addressing his teaming supporters.
High Chief Ikechi Emenike addressing his teaming supporters.

“I believe that it’s make-believe because if he is truly working with what he is saying, he should know that a female candidate of the house of assembly is supposed to be his daughter.

“He is supposed to carry her along, so I’ve made efforts to reach him but to no avail and he knows that I want to see him but he doesn’t want to see me, rather I hear stories that he said how can a woman go to the house of assembly to represent them in umuahia”.

She said APC in the State is one and urged the party stalwarts to work with her towards winning the election as she is willing to be carried along.

“He should carry me along, it’s not too late, he should carry me along because I’m also campaigning for him, APC is one, when you vote for Apc you have voted for the governorship and the House of assembly, so he should carry us along”. She added.

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