Enugu 2023: Obidients Must Avoid Mistakes, Edeoga is LP, Not Obidients

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Enugu 2023: Obidients Must Avoid Mistakes, Edeoga is LP, Not Obidients

Dear obidient family, we are proudly rebuilding a Nigeria that will make us proud all over the world, a Nigeria that will work for all. We are getting there through Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Buba-Ahmed. We will choose candidates from all over the country that will complement Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Buba-Ahmed based on competencies and nothing less. Do not despair for the challenges of today over the glaring attempt by the purveyors of our collective patrimony to make our labour to be in vain. These times too shall pass.

Obidient Movement is self-funded, Is it not financed by any political party and is largely made up of Nigerian youths who want to see positive changes in how government officials manage their responsibilities, they want to instill accountability from every Nigeria office holder Obidient is a movement enshrined in promoting good governance and flushing out bad government and corrupt politicians irrespective of a political party or kinsman. It is a revolution started by the Nigerian youths but other responsible Nigerians who share the same ideology of obidients have joined ranks to impact a paradigm shift.

The rest of the world is watching Obidients, and the rest of Africa is watching every move Obidients make because they want to emulate them. If they fail, millions of people around the world will be disappointed, but should they succeed; the rest of the world will talk about Obidients to the very end of history.
The best way to embrace the change we want is through balloting, and voting for competencies and not a political party, not regions nor for personal interest but for the overall interest of the society. Our general interest is to present a better Nigeria for the next generation and to put an end to the misuse and abuse of offices and power.

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Unfortunately, people do not understand the principle behind Obidient Movement. Some think it is a political party, forgetting that Obidients are very sympathetic to the Labour Party only because of Mr. Peter Obi and this is largely due to his competencies, personality, merit, and proven track record. If Peter Obi would have run under another political party. Obidients would have supported him.. if Bola Tinubu had run under the Labour Party, but Obidients would have ignored him.

Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Buba-Ahmed:

Their previous track records in office were looked into especially their management of public funds. Peter Obi’s records as former Anambra state governor fit the criteria of what Obidients wanted, a man that could advance Nigeria’s democracy and bring the dividend of good governance to all Nigerians..these are the primary reasons all Obidients are behind him and voted Labour Party in the presidential election.. not on emotional grounds. Not on sentiment.

Unfortunately for the Enugu state, the LP gubernatorial candidate, Chijioke Edeoga lacks the competencies and personality and merit to be considered a governor in any state in Nigeria not to talk of Enugu state. considering the poor performance of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Enugu state which Chijioke Edeoga is an integral part of. Edeoga is not Obidient, he is the opposite of Peter Obi and everything Peter Obi stands for. Edeoga is an Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi duplicate.

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Given Chijioke Edeoga’s previous track records as commissioner of Environment and LGA where he performed abysmally in both offices many Obidients are wondering how did he get the gubernatorial ticket of Enugu State Labour Party in the first instance. The strong accusation of poor management and missing pension funds in the ministry of LGA. is of great concern.
The condition of Enugu when he managed it as commissioner of environment made the state a very dirty city and the lack of vision on how to manage the ministry is a big concern on how he can manage Enugu state as a governor. He lacks the technical ability on what to do, which is more reason why a reasonable party should avoid him. He will dent the good image of what Obidients are trying to build through the Labour Party.

Obidients should choose candidates based on competencies and past track records and avoid sentiment that may put Nigeria in a sorry state. Edeoga failed in every opportunity given to him to represent the Enugu state. He is a risk too big to take.

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