Like Ikpeazu, Like Otti

From (L): Dr. Alex Otti and Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.
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Like Ikpeazu, Like Otti


By Charity Uwakwe


Politics aside, one cannot place Dr. Alex Otti and Governor Ikpeazu side by side in any facet. They are entirely two different personalities.


When this topic dropped in my mind, at first, I was completely at a loss of what to do or even write because, I figured a lot of contradictions in the two personalities.


And I began to wonder why the comparison. Why not Chief Okay Ahaiwe, the Governorship candidate of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, I had wondered before suddenly, I woke up with a start just to realise it was a mandate. You must do this so you can save a soul, a voice whispered to me still in my subconscious.

I had wanted to discard this topic but the urge was so persistent that I could only but help with picking up my pen to say this at this eleventh hour.



I could reminisce a priest apparently giving me ideas on what must be contained in the article.


An Economist, a former Banker and one with a dying zeal to rescue Abia State. Although there are a few others whose desire is to rescue Abia for her 24-years dungeon, but why Alex Otti?

“If you ask me as a priest and one whose desire is to sustain the existing relative peace in the State, I would allow Ikpeazu give Abians his choice of candidate (his successor). However, for the prolonged clamouring for a change of narrative by the impoverished masses, I would suggest that we allow Alex Otti a chance.”


Those were the words of that consistently echoed in my mind. No sooner had I finished regurgitating those words than I woke up, startled and I ask:


Who is Alex Otti?


Evidently, the envisaged style of government Alex Otti would run if elected as Governor is the kind that would lift every Abian, restoring their hope and faith again in the State.


The discrepancies are conspicuously written on the wall, so clear that even the blind could see.



Dr. Alex Otti is not coming as a civil servant; he has made a name for himself over the years and hence his name is a household name. As a renown former Banker, and without prejudice, whatsoever, saying that Dr. Alex Otti is a wealth enhancer and manager is an understatement.

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Having seen the four corners of the world, Alex Otti is coming to revamp Abia and restore the lost hope of the common man.


And one asked, who is Alex oti’s godfather? No one knows, and if Alex Otti must have a godfather, that must be a Saint. Who is Alex Otti’s godfather? If you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s Peter Obi, the cleanest politician in Nigeria.

If you asked me, I would say there is a glaring similarities between Alex Otti and Peter Obi.


Fast forward to the main reason we are here, stating that government of okezie Ikpeazu in Abia state has done more harm than good to Abia is an understatement, no one is left out, even the media, there is hunger in the land, there is famine, even the media cannot speak without entertaining fear of the unknown irrespective of the 1999 constitution that guarantees the freedom of the press to criticise, to checkmate the activities of government.


Hence section 22 of Nigeria’s Constitution provides that “The press, radio, television and other agencies of the mass media shall, at all times, be free to uphold the Fundamental Objectives contained in (Chapter II of Nigeria’s Constitution) and uphold the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people.”


However, in Abia State, the reverse is the case; you dare not speak!


This is a Government that wouldn’t let journalists ask the question of their heart else you have you have to be queried.


By tomorrow, March 18th, Abians will be going out to the polling units to elect a governor of their choice, yes, everybody has brought out their candidates but the end they say shall justify the means.


Abians have been clamoring for change and I ask, who can make it happen? I read in one article where the governor Dr. Okezie ikpeazu had stated that Chief Okey Ahaiwe, the one he has chosen would perform more creditably than he. Of course, I wasn’t taken aback, as this, therefore drives home the fact that even ikpeazu himself knows his government is a failure.

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Abians are at a crossroad; Who do we choose? PDP, LP, Labour, YPP, A or APGA? WHO? This question can only be answered at the various polling units tomorrow, and made public on Sunday, March 19.


Indisputable is the fact that Abia has recorded much deaths of both young and old due to lack of adequate health facility across the state. Who will go for us?


I urge Abians to be careful not to make the wrong choice, not to be hypnotised by anyone as a result of power of incumbency, affluence, name them. These factors will never sustain you for the next four years.



I dreamt in 2019 that Dr. Uchechukwu Samson Ogah formed an alliance with Dr. Alex Otti to liberate Abia which I unhesitatingly shared with a particular APC stalwart in the State and he called me “Prophetess”. It didn’t just stop there, as the urge was so intense that I could feel the pulse. I could not possibly resist the feeling because the cry for the emancipation of Abia is a call of selflessness.

Could this be a dream come true? I still wonder!

Finally, If you asked me again, I would tell you without mincing words, that, the former Minister, having identified with Dr. Alex Otti is a win-win situation for Abians.

Many people, among whom I am one, have envisaged that with Alex Otti and Uche Ogah, driving the affairs of Abia, the boat shall sail successfully and never sink. These two are people of a like-mind; these two are people who are driven by passion for the state; these two are people who when placed side by side one could scarcely place a difference, could these two can be the messiah.

Could these be the liberators of Abia? Abians, youths in particular, awake from your slumber, take back your State. It’s now or never!!

By Famous Reporters

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