Iheyinna Mgbeahuru: The Healing Balm For Osisioma Ngwa North

Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru
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Iheyinna Mgbeahuru: The Healing Balm For Osisioma Ngwa North


By Our Guest Writer

It is appalling to realize the number of pathetic youths who are hampered and made miserable by the malady popularly called empowerment by some politicians in Osisioma Ngwa North state constituency. The mental attitude of very few youths who enjoy peanuts from some politicians indicates that the youths are not ready to take back the affairs of this nation called Nigeria.


As you walk down the villages in Osisioma Ngwa North, I suggest that you take note of the impact of State house of Assembly members in Osisioma Ngwa North from 1999 till 2022. I have watched squarely in the constituency with no tangible thing to show that men from Ward 6 and 5 have spent 24 years in Abia State House of Assembly taking money for constituency projects with nothing to show for it.

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The collapse of many prosperous communities in Osisioma Ngwa North by desperate politicians who want to anoint a king against the wish of the people have crippled development and caused confusion in many communities. The icy winter caused by under-performed leaders is just to make sure that there is division in various communities so as to enable them continue their incompetent style of leadership.


The greatest secret for eliminating bad leadership in Osisioma Ngwa north is Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru who is ever ready to take proper steps in order to redeem Osisioma Ngwa North from bad representation. Hon. Iheyinna has more positive pattern of ideas to restore sanity in the polity of Osisioma Ngwa North. It is inspiring to indicate that THE BRIDGE has acquired the dynamics of rendering quality service to his constituents and he is eager to invest in the youths, human development, community development, contribute in making laws that will benefit indigenes of Osisioma Ngwa North and accomplish more than the good people of Osisioma Ngwa can think of.

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One of the most powerful concepts, one which is a sure cure for lack of quality representation, is the thought of a man who accomplished much when he was the Executive LGA chairman of Osisioma Ngwa. There is this confidence that Hon. Iheyinna will restructure Osisioma Ngwa North political arena because of the fact that he is habitually progressive. The change we all require in Osisioma Ngwa north is Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru who is associated with the most credible presidential candidate of all time in the politics of Nigeria, Mr. Hon. PARTY.

Peter Obi
Peter Obi
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