Ballots Revolution and the Tsiunami called OBIdient Movement

Mr. Peter Obi
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Ballots Revolution and the Tsiunami called OBIdient Movement

In Nigeria today, there is an ongoing tsunami called OBIdient Movement. The movement is generating the heat described as Obi-phobia. The tsunami is unsettling the status quo or rather the old brigades and their growing kids into developing a phobia both within and outside the system.

OBIdient is galvanized mostly by the outcome of the dolarisation of the political processes of nominating the presidential flag-bearers of the two major political parties in the country – PDP and APC. The processes were characterised by grievous display of corruption, greed, arrogance, inanities, inordinate ambition and abuse of common sense.

As we speak, the Nigerian youths with strong moral fiber and every statesman of good conscience and moral rectitude are seeing things differently from those involved in aiding and abetting the stagnation of Nigerian socio-economic and political advancement. They are indeed feeling the pulse of the democracy they are using against the people.

The OBIdient Tsiunami has provoked a mass movement for unprecedented acquisition of PVCs ahead of the Presidential election. This is called Ballots Revolution, and is sending crucial messages to the ranks and files of both the state actors and their acolytes awaiting the exchange of batons in the general elections. The people have been awakened from their slumber that had encouraged the few to high-jack the political processes and reduce the people to perpetual beggers sapped by poverty and hunger.

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Factored into the Ballots Revolution and the OBIdient tsunami is the intransigent “Order of MBuhari” called kleptomaniac Presidency that is suprintending over a wholesale terror of kidnapping for ransom with impunity, Islamic jihads in the guise of Boko Haram, ISWAP, Fulani herdsmen terrorism and the bestial acts of banditry across the country.

It is a cause fait-accompli for the Nigerian people to secure their lives first and foremost from the rampaging angels of death before thinking of religion, tribe, pay-master, and all other percunary interests. It is a cause for concern to every living adult and even the growing kids to see in the OBIdient phenomenon a Nigeria of our dreams, where everyone sleeps with his or her eyes closed with perfect snoring.

Peter Obi's presidential campaign posters
Peter Obi’s presidential campaign posters

It shows a level of moral decadence, low mental condition, and a prove of animalism in someone that sees nothing wrong in a government and individuals openly superintendending over the barbaric massive killings of innocent people and large-scale abduction of women, children and elderly for ransom. It calls for serious medical and spiritual examination of whoever discountenanced the growing yearnings for social and political ventilation of the Nigerian society and systems.

Of course, Obi-phobia is a social reality identified among a set of humans with chronic weakened moral fibres whose virtues are marred and mangled by long years affliction of penury that slowed down the growth of the membranes that facilitate proper reasoning. To this end, they are still thinking and reasoning like the growing kids who would hardly grow above personal benefits in national issues that hang between life and death.

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Under the barefaced genocides masterminded and perpetuated by the kleptomaniac Presidency called MBuharinomics, no right thinking Nigerian with his senses intact and with blood and water running through his veins would have any reason not to welcome the call for Ballots Revolution.

Even the lily-livered with the milk of human kindness warming their breasts know that Nigeria cannot survive another Fulani regime under PDP or alongation of a kleptomaniac Presidency under APC,hence the OBIdient Movement embarked and supported by those with their thinking cap.

Another error of falling into the traps of seeming political correctness informed by the false notion of party affiliation, tribe, religion, and self-aggrandisement will certainly elongate the killings and suffering of the masses. It is therefore time to follow the path of reason with our thinking caps on our heads OBIdiently.

(Offong Okodio is a priest in The Temple of Justice where Truth is the presiding Judge)

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