Enthroned Arochukwu Traditional Ruler Accused Of Involvement In Homosexuality

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There are currently unconfirmed facts have indicting the illegally crowned Eze Aro in Arochukwu, Abia State, Mr Godwin Kanu Idei is not qualified after all.

Pjtvnews.com reports authoritatively that the Investigations carried out on Idei, a member of the royal family of Okennachi in Arochukwu reveal that in his ambition to become the Eze Aro (king) of the foremost ancient Igbo Kingdom, is allegedly into practices forbidden and abhorred not just in Arochukwu ancient kingdom, but in all African nations guided by sacred traditions and cultures.

Pjtv.com also added that Godwin Idei, was to be made Eze Aro through very illegal methods by the now – suspended Eze Ibom Isii has been allegedly deeply involved in gay, lesbian, and homosexual practices in Brazil, where he is said to be a businessman. Pjtv.com also claims that findings show that he is in one of the gay groups and an active member is the Associacao Orquideas LGBT/AM in Brazil.

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Translated into English, the name of the group is The Orchid Association of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) or LGBT Orchids Association.

Pjtv.com also revealed that according to a website promoting its activities, prosas.com, it’s audience include childhood and adolescence, youth, women, LGBT QIA+ and Afroamerican population /Afro descendants.

So claiming that a check also gave the address of the homosexual group as R. Maçura, 72 – Monte das Oliveiras, Manaus – AM, 69092-490, in Brazil.

See link https://fb.watch/or0jerXEnQ/?mibextid=Nif5oz

A long list signed by the president of Associacao Orquideas LGBT/AM, Paulo de Oliveira showed the name of this man, Kanu Godwin Idei listed as a member. The list was published on May 31st, 2023 on the group’s Facebook page. Below is a link showing the list, which we have roughly translated into English below thus report.

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In Nigeria as in many African countries, involvement in LGBT activities is revolting, and regarded as an aberration in nature. It is also a crime to practice homosexuality in Nigeria.

Most African cultures abhor the practice of same sex sexual relationships, a practice widely regarded as an abomination that is a clear violation of natural laws on which African sacrecy and traditions are designed.

Arochukwu is a foremost African kingdom that holds its traditions and sacred cultural practices in high esteem.

As such, an Eze who is openly a homosexual, or publicly hobnobs or romances homosexual practices is seen as an aberration, and a dangerous appendage that could completely destroy one of the most traditional stools, and one of the most important legacies left in Igbo land, and indeed, Africa.

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