Ebonyi APC AT War: Chinedu Ogah Sues Publicity Secretary For Defamation of Character In EBONYI On Facebook

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The house member, representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency, Hon. Chinedu Ogah has dragged to court, the Publicity Secretary of Ebonyi State APC, Mr. Chika Nwoba over allegedly assassinating his character on his Facebook wall and other social media handles.

Hon. Ogah’s pleased that the Court should prosecute his alleged attacker, Chika Nwoba, to serve as a deterent to others using Facebook or any medium to attack public figures and innocent personals.

Sitting at the Chief Magistrate Court, Abakaliki, on Tuesday, the Police Prosecutor (O/C Legal) SP Ayeni, said the accused, Chika Nwoba should be prosecuted “following series of offence and threats coming from every corner for having attacked the personality of the Federal lawmaker, Hon. Chinedu Ogah and other related allegations levelled against the APC secretary”, he said, pointing out that prosecuting the accused would be safer to his life.

On the defendant Counsel, JN Nweke, summited that her client, Chika Nwoba should be granted a bail since the offence is bailable and still being the APC Publicity Secretary of Ebonyi State despite the alleged allegations levelled against him by the Plentiff which in her words are yet to be proven before the Law Court, added, that the accused person had nobody threatening him “then except if it was the Police Prosecutor.”

The Plantiff’s Court charges against the defendant that were made available to journalists reads:

“That you Chika Nwoba ‘m’ on the 26th day of December, 2109, and 29th day of March, 2020, in Abakaliki in the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did publications on Facebook against Hon. Chinedu Ogah, which are likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or disturb the public peace knowing or havng reason to believe that such statements are false and thereby committed offence punishable under Section 59(1) of the Criminal Code CAP. 33 Vol. 1, Laws of Ebonyi State of Nigeria 2009.”

Addressing Journalists, Hon. Ogah reiterated that Mr. Chika Nwoba shall be prosecuted, insisting, “definitely, it is a part one. The truth of the whole thing is that I must try to see the end of the case. Because, if he thinks he can insult or disgrace anybody, he cannot insult me and get free out of it.

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“Justice must take its cause. It is because he has insulted the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has published against him on Facebook and other social media,  He has also insulted the Governor of Lagos State. He published against him on Facebook. He insulted the National Chairman of APC and published against him on Facebook. He insulted even the Secretary to Ebonyi State Government. If we can stand by the oath he took when he was the Publicity Secretary of APC, that he should try to hold the dignity of the party.

“The APC has constitution. He should uphold the dignity of APC not such to be using that kind to be duping people.We are able to find out that he doesn’t even have WAEC certificate to the extent of having Bachelor Degree. We are challenging that in a civil suit. Let him produce his WAEC and B.SC. Certificates. It is not about writing for people paying him on Facebook to attack. What we are urging the Court is to tell him to bring the evidence.

How can we succeed by giving some Ebonyians jobs and he wrote petition against them, saying that the work we gave to them is fake; saying that the motorcycles we gave to people, that we will turn back to collect them from them. Such statement is damaging and it can lead to war. So, that is why we decided to follow it legally. Let law take its course. You can see that I came to court by myself, any day it is fixed, I must come no matter the distance. I must follow to the conclusion to avoid other people repeating such act. Those that are fake journalists should be brought to book for having no fundamental knowledge on their operation system. He has no position in our party. Are you not aware he was suspended being the State Publicity Secretary of APC. Call the state Chairman and confirm it. He is no longer in APC. Can someone being in APC and talk against President Muhammed Buhari? Can someone being in APC and being talking against the National Chairman of APC?”

He assured that he would bring the petitions against him (Chika Nwoba), saying evidence of his fraud, rape and other illicit acts would be exposed during the court proceedings, maintained that, he would ensure the APC Chieftain is prosecuted for the offences committed.

However, Chika Nwoba dismissed all the allegations levelled against him by the Federal Lawmaker while speaking to journalists, saying that it is a calculated effort meant to detract him.

According to him, he was never suspended from being the State Publicity Secretary of APC, adding that “there was no invitation, query or petition filed against him since assumed office.

“Anybody purported to have suspended me by my party, may be, he feels saying it. I was never suspended and my party has no intention to suspend me. It is only that the Police met with me yesterday, saying that there was a petition filed against me by one Ogochukwu Elem, the Senior Legislative Aide for the Member representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency alleging that I assassinated the image of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the APC National Chairman, and member representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency. After going through the petition, I made my statement. The same day, I was taken to police station.

“Today, I was told to come back in the morning. I came back, taken to the court and we came here in the afternoon. The court had no intention of sitting, after reaching house, I was called on phone that the court has decided to sit. I came here but after everything, the court granted me a bail against the wish of my detractors.”

He expressed happiness on the court proceedings, saying the Court has stood on the ground of fairness and justice referring to its rule which led to him being granted a bail that was against the wish of his accuser.

Meanwhile, the Court sitting was presided by Magistrate Nnenna Onuoha, with JN Nweke, being the defendant Counsel and SP Ayeni, the Police Prosecutor of the case, as the Plaintfill and defendant all appeared while the next sitting is shifted to hold on or before 26th May, 2020.

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