COVID-19: Dismiss, Prosecute killer Civil Defense Officer, Group Tells NSCDC Boss

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The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders has amid bitterness and regrets called for the dismissal, arrest and prosecution of the Civil Defense Officer who reportedly shot dead a driver conveying food to Aba, yesterday, at  Umuikaa Toll Gate, over refusal to give them bribe.

In a release jointly signed by
the President-General and Secretary-General, Hon. Goodluck Egwu Ibe
Comrade Kanice Igwe and
made available to Newsmen in Umuahia, the group recounted that the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had from inception explicitly directed do apalllAl that cars and vehicles conveying food items should be allowed into the state without any interference from  security agencies or anybody.

The release read in full:

“We receive with rude shock the killing of an innocent driver that is bringing in food into Abia State at umuikaa junction by happy trigger civil defence officers who are paid with tax payers money. This is barbaric , wicked and must be dealt with accordingly.

It is a well know fact that the Governor of Abia States gave an explicit order and directives that cars and vehicles conveying food items should be allowed into the state without any interference from  security agencies or anybody. But the recent killing of this driver bringing in food into Abia State has clearly shown that the civil defence officers has no regard for the governor’s directive. In their mind the governor now takes order from them instead of them taking order from the governor who clearly gave permission to people bringing in food to come into the state unhindered.

We totally condemn in strongest term the killing of this driver by the civil defence operatives. We demand immediate dismissal,  arrest and prosecution of the civil defence personnel and the team that cause the untimely death of this young man who has family and children to take care of.

From reliable information available to us, the driver was killed because he refused to give bribe to the civil defence corps in Umuikaa junction. If one may ask, are they security agency on road to collect money or to enforce the government directives on the lockdown? Or are they armed robbers wearing government uniforms that kill anyone who does not part with his or her money to them?. These are questions that must be answered.

It was just a Monday the 13th day of April 2020 that the governor made it clear but no life should be taken for granted in whatever guise. Now the civil defence with their action have directly challenge the executive governor of the State by killing an Innocent driver who did nothing wrong to deserve such a brutal killing.

Enough of The killing of the Igbo youths in our own land. We will not tolerate the killing of Igbo sons again in their own land by security operatives. Enough is enough.

We call for a full investigation into this matter . With the recent killings toof Igbo youths during this lockdown, we are tempted to believe that they is a ploy to brutalize and kill Igbo youths without any reason.

What on Earth will make a security operative open fire on a man without any gun if not for hatred and wickedness against that person either because of his tribe or because he want to cause damage and dissaffection.

It’s time different security agencies trained their men effectively on how to handle guns because we will not tolerate again a case of brutal killing of our people. We are not animals, we are human beings. Nobody has the right to take another man’s life.”

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