Cover your shame take a bow Orji Kalu will be rewarded with our votes – Abia North Youths

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu
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Cover your shame take a bow Orji Kalu will be rewarded with our votes – Abia North Youths

The youths from Abia North have unanimously reiterated their unflinching support for the candidacy of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, the Senatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and have advised other candidates to back down.

Following the closeness to the scheduled presidential and National Assembly elections, the youths from Abia North have restated their commitments towards changing the tides of the nation’s political dilemma by eliminating bad leadership.

In a message released by the concerned youths in Abia North, in their advice to other candidates running for Senate in Abia North, to take a bow and heroically support the return of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu in the 2023 Abia North Senatorial District.

The youths alleged that other candidates are not telling Abia North people the truth. In their submissions, Onyema Uguru, said that the greatest lies any candidates from other political party can lie to Abia North people, is to tell Abia north people not to return Orji Uzor Kalu, back for the second time, as he said;

“Some of these politicians are the biggest enemies of the development of Abia North today. They want to turn our eyes from the truth. They want to turn the good work of Senator Orji Kalu, into what they know politics to be. Whatever ideas they have about politics, Orji Kalu has taught us what good politics is all about, Orji Kalu, has opened our eyes.

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“They took politics to be an Avenue to pocket our collective funds, funds meant to renovate and build for our children, schools. They took politics to be an ocean of wealth, where they use pipes as straw to suck the money meant to develop Abia North.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
Senator Orji Uzor Kalu

“What have we seen in just four years? We have our decisions to make, wether to go back to the days when governance meant nothing or to stand with Orji Kalu as he had demonstrated to use, the faults of those we had sent to represent us at any level of governance by correcting their wrong in practical ways.

“The business of the day in politics is all about the people. Orji Kalu, knows the importance of having the people on his side, going by what he does that directly impact the people that threw their trust on him, with our votes.”

The youths said that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, had in four years opened their eyes, according to Onyema, they never knew a Senator can perform more than a Governor, saying; “Senator Orji Kalu, opened our eyes to know what being in the corridors of power can possess. He made us to understand that a Senator can do more than the ideology of other candidates, that believed the sole duty of a Senator is to just making laws.

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“Most of the impact of government that you see in Abia north today are Federal impacts, Sen Orji Kalu, is instrumental to making that possible. We have not seen where a Senator is performing more than a state Governor, come to Abia North and see for yourself.

“The Chief Whip of the Senate, proved most critics wrong. The performance of Senator Orji Kalu, in four years, is yet to be seen in any Senatorial Districts of the Nigeria Senate. We had Senators that spent twelve (12) consecutive years in the Senate. We have had those that also spent four (4) year, but Orji Uzor Kalu, is a record setter. For his colleagues at the Senate to award him back to back for been the Best project and well performed Senator of the 9th Senate, it is deserving, because, we have seen and we have long awarded him with our votes.

“We want to therefore, send our unapologetic messages to those thinking they can cover the truth about Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s , performance before our eyes, in broad day light to cover their shame, take a bow, for Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, will be rewarded with our votes, his return to the senate is more paramount than selfish and adulterated political ideologies that is not of the interest of Abia North people.

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