Coronavirus: Western Cape records two more Covid-19 deaths, total now at 15

Coronavirus: Western Cape records two more Covid-19 deaths, total now at 15
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The Western Cape recorded two new coronavirus-related deaths on Friday.

The deceased are a 43-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman. This brings the total of deaths in the province to 15.

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde sent his deepest condolences to the man and women’s loved ones.

“As of 17:00 on 17 April, the Western Cape has recorded 812 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection,” he said.

“Four cases have been reassigned due to updates in address data. These include two cases in the Northern sub-district of the metro and one each in the Southern sub-district, Stellenbosch and Saldanha Bay municipality. 

“The laboratories sometimes use patient addresses already on file at the time of testing, which are then corrected during the follow-up and contact tracing processes,” said Winde.

While the notable increase of new infections reflected more testing being conducted in the province, it was clear from the data that transmission in communities was increasing, he said.

Of the 812 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Saturday, 500 were confirmed to be cases of local transmission.

“We all have a part to play in stopping the spread. The most important thing you can do, for your health and the health of your loved ones, is to stay at home. 

“Abiding by the lockdown regulations is of utmost importance as it prevents the spread of the virus, ensures that our health systems are not overwhelmed and it protects the sick, the elderly and the vulnerable. In short, staying at home will save lives,” Winde said.

“We have continued with the scale-up of the community screening process and have thus far conducted 62 509 screenings across the province. A total of 3 195 tests have also been conducted as part of this process.

“Screening and testing, in combination with the lockdown process, hygiene measures and social distancing are the best tools we have in the fight against the coronavirus.”

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