Chuku Wachuku and Politics of Integration: A 21st Century Example

Chuku Nwachuku
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Chuku Wachuku and Politics of Integration: A 21st Century Example

The man Chief Chuku Wachuku,the Abia Central YPP Senatorial Candidate in the 2023 General Elections, widely reputed to be the beautiful bride and pride of Abia Central Zone is a shining example of what politics of inclusion should be.

In the build up to the forth-coming General Elections, Chief Wachuku has won the praise and applause in Abia Central Zone and Abia at large as the most unifying Senatorial Candidate in the state. He has achieved a fortress of YPP by initiating and forging a workable synergy among all YPP candidates with stakes in Abia Central Zone.

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Known for his appealing sense of diplomacy and engagement, Chief Chuku Wachuku has set the pace for others to follow. He has never branded any vehicle without the image of candidates within Abia Central Zone. His sense of unity which he has inculcated in his downline candidates is appealing and worthy of emulation. The father of unity and oneness, considering the invaluable importance of carrying all the candidates within his zone along, has this evening, unveiled the image of candidates across offices.

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In his brand of politics, no wonder technocrats are needed in governance, he believes in carrying everybody along. The pictures of the following branded vehicles are suggestive of who the ex Director-General of National Directorate of Employment, NDE, is.

To God be the glory!

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