You have Responsibility Curbing Yahoo Amongst Our Youths-AIG Shinaba, (Rtd) Charges Parents …Says govt now provides security for schools.

Mr. Aderenle Shinaba, AIG (Rtd).
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You have Responsibility Curbing Yahoo Amongst Our Youths-AIG Shinaba, (Rtd) Charges Parents …Says govt now provides security for schools

Mr. Aderenle Shinaba, a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, has brought attention to a pressing issue within Nigerian society, the involvement of youths in cyber fraud, otherwise known as “Yahoo.”

Speaking during a security conference, organised by National Association of Online Security News you, (NAOSNP), in Lagos State, Thursday, Mr. Shinaba emphasized the vital role parents play in curbing this menace, highlighting that the roots of such fraudulent behavior start within the home and can likewise be mitigated there.

Drawing on his extensive experience in law enforcement, Mr. Shinaba passionately urged parents to take an active stance in aiding security agencies to combat cyber fraud. He stressed that addressing this issue necessitates not only the efforts of law enforcement but also the active involvement of parents in their children’s upbringing.

He reiterated that the battle against cyber fraud should begin at home, with parents instilling ethical values and guiding their children away from the path of criminality.

Mr. Shinaba’s message resonated with the audience, underlining the undeniable link between a stable home environment and the prevention of youth involvement in cyber fraud.

By encouraging parents to engage in open dialogues with their children about the consequences of such actions, he suggested that a collaborative effort between families and law enforcement could make significant strides in reducing cybercrime.

Additionally, Mr. Shinaba addressed another critical concern plaguing the nation: the safety of schools. He pointed out that the government has responded proactively to the alarming increase in attacks on schools by bandits. Acknowledging that these attacks not only endanger students but also disrupt the educational system, Mr. Shinaba reported that the government has taken steps to provide enhanced security for schools across the country.

This comprehensive approach to school security demonstrates the government’s commitment to protecting the nation’s future by safeguarding its educational institutions. By ensuring a secure learning environment, the government aims to foster an atmosphere where students can thrive without fear.

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