APC/ PDP Presidential Tickets: Peter Obi Is Our Last Card, Prepare For Battle Between the oppressed, oppressors- OYC urges Nigerian youths

Peter Obi
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APC/ PDP Presidential Tickets: Peter Obi Is Our Last Card, Prepare For Battle Between the oppressed, oppressors- OYC urges Nigerian youths


Following the outcome of the Presidential primaries election of the leading parties in Nigeria, the ruling APC and PDP, National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, Comrd. Igboayaka O. Igboayaka has urged Nigerian youths from various regions to fasten their belt in readiness for l “the imminent battle between the oppressed and the oppressors.”



Igboayaka who had monitored the whole process as witnessed in the main opposition party, PDP, which resulted in Mr. Peter Obi’s defection, described the latter as “the last card Nigerians will play. There are two political parties in Nigeria today, Peter Obi representing the “Oppressed” and PDP/APC representing the “Oppressors”






Igboayaka, who accused the ruling powers from the Northern region of making merchandise of the unsuspecting electorates thus impoverishing them despite being in the seat of power.

Below is the release in detail:

I am glad that I stood on the path of political righteousness to the end. I can beat my chest that I warned Nigeria political Actors in APC and PDP not to jeopardize the interest of Nigerians.

On 26th February 2022, I wrote to Nigeria youths to arise and reject any form of Injustice in power sharing of Nigeria presidency. I wrote to All Security Agents, DSS, DIA, NIA, National Security Adviser, Chief of Defense Staff on the dangers of denying Southeast presidential tickets of the two frontline political parties, APC and PDP. I also penned down my feelings to South-South and Southwest in my letter dated 27 April 2022 tittled “A Pa Ayo Adebanjo And Pa Edwin Clark Example.

In my letter to our Northern brethren, dated May 7, 2022 with the caption “A Metaphor of Mallam Aminu Kano’s Concept Of Nigeria” One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards”. I saw this day coming, but I did all I could do to avoid those that give us emotional blackmail of not speaking out. All these stand as evidence that we warned Nigeria the danger of slidelining Southeast in picking APC and PDP presidential candidates

Instead the two political parties will cede their presidential tickets to South-east, as it was done to the Southwest in 1999, but PDP decided to change the goal post at the middle of the game, because it’s the turn of Southeast. APC that was formed on three political parties (CPC, ANC & ANPP) by North, Southwest, and Southeast, through President Mohammadu Buhari, Alhmed Bola Tinubu and Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, respectively.

In 2015, CPC led by Gen. Mohammadu Buhari took President, while ACN led by Alhmed Bola Tinubu took Vice President, this time when it should be the turn of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, because he is from South-east they changed the rules of the game.

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This is 57 years yet no Southeastners has become the president of Nigeria, with APC and PDP presidential candidates going to Northern and ………. And the question is this; Does it means that Southeastners will serve another 8 years of slavery making it 65 years of slavery?

I have argued that if federal character and quota system are removed, if the basis of recruitment into Army, Police, Immigration Controller, Prison, DSS, Navy, Air force, Civil defense etc are done by merit or thrown open, the Southeast will constitute almost 45%, North will have 15% while South-South and Southwest will share 40. But, regrettably, the quota system and federal character accommodate the obvious weakness of other Zones, giving them equal opportunity with others.

Oh! they throw presidential ticket in APC and PDP open but wouldn’t throw open recruitment of federal jobs and federal entrance exams in federal government colleges?

Those who think that Nigeria will stand on the leg of Injustice, Marginalization and Hate against Ndigbo, should know that the new generation of Ndigbo in 1966 is not the same as what we have now.

With what APC and PDP have done, the Nigeria political Actors have pushed Ndigbo out of Nigeria, and there’s a price to pay for it. This price can’t be actually prescribed now, but to every action, there is always an effect.

The actions of PDP and APC have legitimized the call for Self-determination by IPOB and MASSOB; it has given reason for such call. APC and PDP have proven IPOB and MASSOB right. They said, North and Southwest wouldn’t allow a Southeast to have APC and PDP presidential tickets. What moral justification do you have to condemn IPOB, MASSOB and many other Pro-Biafrans groups on the call for Self-determination?

An Attempt to push Ndigbo out of Nigeria in an Attempt to collapsed Nigeria by microscopic few who want to hold Nigeria in bondage, with a record of abject poverty and uncontrollable insecurity. The few Northern cabal that have held power, it was for themselves and family, and not even for the Northern people. Why is it that Northerners have held power for long, yet poverty rate is very high in the Northern part of Nigeria? It’s the time Northern youths must rise.

Why dragging the seat of presidency? Is it for the general North or few political elites? You have denied them( Commoners in the North) education so they will not rise to question you on how you made them poor and pushed them to illiteracy?

The Northern elites secured the life of their children abroad, give them best quality education and expose the children of the poor to beg to earn a living. You teach them how western education is “Evil”, yet you give the same western education to your children, so they will come home to rule those that your primitive accumulation of wealth has pushed to the street to beg.

The Northern political cabals remind you of tribe and religion during election, after election the remind you that you belong to begging class. This is called social fraud, after the social fraud, they divide you among religion and tribes, after dividing you, they engage in economic fraud to loot what belong to you.

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Behold 2023 is the last time to welcome credibility, competent and capacity Governance of Nigeria. Nigeria is looking towards redemption, and we have found a pathway in Mr. Peter Obi. Mr. Peter Obi is the last card Nigerians will play. There are two political parties in Nigeria today, Peter Obi representing the “Oppressed” and PDP/APC representing the “Oppressors”

The Motto of APC which is Justice, Equity and Progress, was buried at Eagle Square on 8th June 2022 because of the hatred against Ndigbo, we must complete the funeral of APC not just only in Igbo land but in Nigeria at large.

Like Dr. Onu rightly, said that the Motto of APC was well thought because of the mind he had to use APC to promote Justice and Equity in Nigeria political project. But this ideal of Dr Ogbonnaya Onu was buried by who are interested in holding power than building Nigeria Unity and fostering Justice and Equity.

Nigerian youths arise and take back your country from the hand of political oppressors and political Bandits.

Arise now reclaim your future from political scavengers and vampires. Arise and reclaim your existence from political profiteers, maradonas and quagmires.

I, therefore, passionately call on all patriotic Igbo men and women in APC and PDP to retreat been, you can’t live in a midst of Hate and injustice from All Progressive Congress APC and People’s Democratic party PDP and expect to succeed after 57 years of denial of president or Nigeria head of State. It’s called the 57 years of the road of political slavery. it’s called 57 years of demonstration of “Hate” It’s called 57 years of “Rejection”; It’s called 57 years of preferring MEDIOCRES to rule and Governance, whereas the Credible become spectators. It’sq called 57 years of Commission of Incompetent and Omission of Competent.

It’s time to abolish APC and PDP from Alaigbo as such party lack face of justice. We must ensure that None of their candidates will win any position in Southeast, this is what we must do to save our children and future generations from political slavery. We must teach PDP and APC a lesson.

I salute all SOUTHEAST PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANT that stood to the end of this “ROAD of INJUSTICE”, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu the voice that cried against Injustice before Nigerians and the world, Ken Nnamani, Rochas Okorocha, David Umahi, Anyim Pius Anyim, Sam Ohabunwa, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze. Following this National hatred against Ndigbo has proven to us that Ndigbo are not wanted in Nigeria.

Nigeria is on a cross road and redline; Nigeria is like a ship hit by a tornado Nigeria is suffering from a chronic political pandemic that needs Mr. Peter OBI as the suitable vaccine.

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