ANAMBRA GUlBER: Winner should have Igbo face not individual political project
…why apc victory will favor Igbo Presidency 2023.

President Mohammadu Buhari
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ANAMBRA GUlBER: Winner should have Igbo face not individual political project
…why apc victory will favor Igbo Presidency 2023.

The winner of Anambra gubernatorial election will mar or project positively the Nigeria president of Igbo extraction 2023. Time has gone when Ndigbo will play politics with sentiment and emotions. Which political party will prepare Ndigbo for actualization of her project for presidency in 2023? This should be the concern of every reasonable and political alive Igbo person now.

APGA and AC are politically mate, but it lies on leadership charisma of the two political parties, though AC was in existence in 1999 and APGA came up in 2003. Within the space of 12 years AC was transformed to ACN and APC within 16 years and had almost 90% control in Yoruba political enclave successfully led by Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

It’s on history that APGA took over Anambra in 2009 and Imo State in 2011, yet during 2013/2014 merger that ushered in APC, Sen. Tinubu and Gen. Buhari political bloc of ACN and, CPC formed the larger part of APC with the bloc of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu of ANPP.

All progressives Congress, APC
All progressives Congress, APC

The selfish leadership of APGA by the Igbo leaders that held the party as a personal property couldn’t allow them see the future for Ndigbo. Consequently, they didn’t join the party to form a second political force to wrestle power with PDP, neither did APGA join force to become one strong PDP, because APGA became a political “SHOP” to few political profiteers.

The vision of registering and establishing APGA by Chief Chekwas Okorie was lost, the Igbo ideology imbibed in “Onye emegbule nwanne ya” was buried. Regrettably, APGA became the most fraudulent political party in Nigeria that has ever conducted primary election, but engaged in duping Igbo aspirants. AGPA became a party that sank Igbo dreams of political liberation and became a party that oppresses Igbo aspirants in every political dispensation in Igboland.

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The last ‘Straw that broke the Camel’s back’ was the the party’s 2019 Guber primary election in Imo State, where those that have Built the party for over four to two years were duped in a broad day light. This mischievous act paved the way for someone who had barely lasted in the party for six months to bought the party’s ticket with billions. Over 20 Igbo sons that bought APGA tickect were defrauded. The leadership of APGA are neither the Fulani’s nor the Hausa’s but fellow Igbos. The Party delegates election was not conducted, primary election was not conducted, but Sen. Ifeanyi Arrarume smiled home with APGA tickets in a dubious way. This is not Igbo party, because it lack the principle of ” Onyeaghala Nwanne Ya”

With the history of APGA and its activities, it is insulting and humiliating to Igbo Race to call APGA Igbo party, APGA is opposite to what Igbo party represent, because Ndigbo believe in principle of “Justice, fairness and equity”

It may interest you to know that since 18 years of APGA existence they are struggling to win Anambra and retain the party for more fraudulent activities during party primaries and not for Igbo political liberation. History has it that APGA is most faction party in Nigeria that sometimes produced three to four national Chairmen at a moment, all in a struggle to maintain a personal business empire in the name of Igbo party.

What fate does APGA hold in Igbo political liberation in 2023 presidential project? At this juncture no reasonable Igbo person wants APGA victory in Anambra. This will undoubtedly cost Ndigbo political imbalance at the federal level, and prepare APGA for more political fraudulent activities in some states in Igbo land, in 2023.

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The two parties that will prepare Ndigbo for 2023 presidency is APC and PDP. APC as a ruling political party gives Ndigbo 80% opportunity while PDP as the second largest opposition party gives Ndigbo 60% opportunity of actualization of Igbo presidency 2023, while APGA have only 1% opportunity.

We are on a political equation in Anambra guber election not in political emotions and sentiments. By emotions and sentiments, APGA should prevail, but by political equation, calculation, strategy and permutation APC lead while PDP follow. If APC wins in Anambra it prepares Ndigbo for national political survival, if PDP wins in Anambra it prepares Ndigbo for national political liberation hence the two political parties will cede their ticket to an Igbo person in 2023. When all political parties cedes their presidential tickets to Igbo aspirants, with the present political culture in Nigeria APC and PDP will have more opportunity to win than other parties, except there will be ballot revolution for other parties which is certain.

Prof. Chukwuma Soludo could have been an option for Ndigbo if he was in APC or PDP, so Anambra guber election winner should have Igbo face not an individual political project.

Therefore, the earnest expectation of every reasonable Igbo person is the victory of APC or PDP by every means necessary in Anambra guber election in a preparation of Nigeria president of Igbo extraction in 2023.

For the preparation of Nigeria president of Igbo extraction It shall gladden the heart of every reasonable Igbo person who is politically alive if APC is declared winner of Anambra guber election by every possible means.

The national President, Ohanaeze Youths Council, OYC, Igboayaka O. Igboayaka’s personal opinion and vast Igbo majority.

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