Ahead Of 2023: Either Presidency Or Nothing Else – Anyim Pius Thunders
As Southern Kaduna, Coalition of Niger Delta Make Appeal

Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim, former Secretary to the federal government of Nigeria.
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Ahead Of 2023: Either Presidency Or Nothing Else – Anyim Pius Thunders
As Southern Kaduna, Coalition of Niger Delta Make Appeal

By Our Correspondent

A major contender to the office of the Nigerian President, under the auspices of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Distinguished Senator Anyim Pius Anyim GCON, has reaffirmed his determination to pursue his ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria in 2023 to the end.

Responding to the pleas, not to back down nor play a second fiddle, independently made by a delegation from Southern Kaduna and a Coalition of Niger Delta group, Anyim assured them of his resolve to fight the battle to the end.

The groups, led by Prof. Dogara Mato and Joseph Opuma respectively, had paid him a courtesy visit in his office, pledging to swim and sink with him, only if he assures them that he would remain resolute till the end.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Prof. Dogara of Kaduna State who reiterated their unalloyed support and support to Anyim, stressed that they had not only come to pledge loyalty to him but also to ask that they be incorporated into his campaign team.

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Dogara, a former Deputy Speaker of the Kaduna state House of Assembly, told Anyim that his pedigree had endeared him not just to the group but also to the heart of many Nigerians.

“We cannot forget in a hurry your unifying roles in the National Assembly. Nigeria presently is in dire need of his type of leadership and that’s why we’re begging you to, please, step forward fast to come and unite us,” Dogara pleaded.

Responding, Anyim who boosted their confidence assured that, “I m only contesting for the office of the president and nothing else.”

He told the delegations that his confidence was buoyed by the enormous strides, his party, the PDP had made in the institution of Democracy in Nigeria.

IMG 20211227 093734
Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim, former Secretary to the Government of Nigeria, SFG.

He reminded the Niger Delta group that his party, the PDP, established the Niger Delta Amnesty program and ensured that “it was nurtured to a very successful end”.

According to Sen. Anyim, “majority of the Ex-Militants today from Niger Delta are successful doctors, Engineers, politicians etc”.

Adding, he said: “I gave my best not only to ensure the success of the exercise under Goodluck Jonathan regime but also I committed myself to the over all successes of Jonathan’s administration.

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Furthermore, he the former Senate President pointed out that the humane approach of leadership adopted by PDP which yielded a huge result in the Niger Delta experiment would be replicated under his regime.

Continuing, he said: “Whenever you take your citizens as citizens and give them reasons to be resourceful, I am convinced they will surely become patriotic.”

Meanwhile, Anyim assured them that their support and that of the many others had emboldened him to sustain the struggle for the exalted office.

Moreso, he reminded the group that in addition to their hopes, that the resolutions of the Southern governors that presidency must go to the South has added another impetus to his struggle.

Anyim re-echoed his earlier assertions that Nigeria and Nigerians under his leadership will be United, proud, happy and with plenty of hopes for themselves and their country.

“My regime will harness the diversities of the country, in an inclusive governance, give everyone a sense of belonging and weld the divergent interests together into a huge asset”, Anyim assured.

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