ABIA 2023: Nkpa Stakeholders Drum Support For APP Governorship Candidate, Mascot Kalu

Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu.
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ABIA 2023: Nkpa Stakeholders Drum Support For APP Governorship Candidate, Mascot Kalu


The governorship candidate of the Action Peoples Party (APP) in Abia state, Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu, kick-started his consultations today with a visit to a major stakeholder of the Nkpa Community, Chief Innocent Ochiobi (A.K.A. Piccolo), at his country home residence.


While receiving the former Abia state Chief of Staff, Chief Ochiobi assured him that what he came for, the battle had already begun on his behalf.

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“Even before you came, we have already begun fighting for it. People know me as a blunt person, and I always tell people the truth, regardless.


According to Chief Innocent, the sentiment of people about Chief Kalu’s candidacy because his elder brother has been a governor is baseless, as competence should be the criterion.

Prominent stakeholders of Nkpa Community.
Prominent stakeholders of Nkpa Community.


“When people asked me why it should be Mascot after his brother has governed, I asked them what of the Bush family and the Kennedy’s. He is an adult who has the right to decide what he wants in life. But what is most important is competence. ”

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He further advised Chief Kalu to base his campaign on political promises that he had fulfilled.


In his response, Chief Kalu assured him that the people of Nkpa would reap the dividends of good governance if he was elected into office.

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