A Tribute To A Queen That Fed On Blood Of 4.3 Million Igbos In 1967-1970- By Oyc Boss, Igboayaka

From L-R: Queen Elizabeth 11; Biafra agitators and Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, the national president of Ohanaeze Youths Council.
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A Tribute To A Queen That Fed On Blood Of 4.3 Million Igbos In 1967-1970- By Oyc Boss, Igboayaka


The national president of Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, the apex Socio-cultural youth organization of Ndigbo, Comrd. Igboayaka O. Igboayaka has written a mind blowing tribute to Late Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.


Filled with the indignation of the agonies of the Igbo nation, the indefatigable youth leader of the race recounted on the innocent blood of Ndigbo that was shed during the genocide, as instigated by the British government.

The tribute serves as a retrospect of the pains and agonies of the downtrodden ethnic group which they suffered in the wicked hand of their oppressors.


In his tribute, he wrote:


On Thursday, September 8, 2022, a little darkness befell the greedy Britain, just like the same darkness they masterminded in 1967-70 that befell the most admirable race in the world, the Great Igbo Race.


The massacre was a deliberate attempt to wipe out Ndigbo from the surface of the earth, a similar genocide (holocaust) perpetrated against the Jews by German in 1941 and 1945, as masterminded by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. That brutal attack systematically murdered over six million Jews across Germany, but for the divine intervention of Chukwuokike (God The Creator).


Oh! This little darkness that befell Britain with the passing away of the most inhuman Queen in the world that supervised the Genocide of 4.3 million Igbos, yet they mourn her. Britain is mourning a Queen that lack empathy! How much Ndigbo mourning the death of millions of their people.


It is 96 years of blood torment! Yes, the innocent blood of Igbos that was maimed and killed in an excruciating supervision of “the most “Wicked Queen” that ever lived on the surface of the Earth!


Before her death, I believe heaven must have opened and a tape of 1967 to 1970 genocide against Ndigbo was played before her dimming eyes. She must have seen the Rockets, Bomb shellings shattering the womb of our pregnant women, the death of infants who could not run but were buried in their own blood.


Certainly, the Queen saw how vultures fed sumptuously on the intestines of infant Biafrans who died as a result of starvation, kwashiorkor and those who assumed the shape of the agama lizard. The sight was so pathetic that you can count their ribs from a mile away.

Yes, in a little trance, the Queen watched the most horrible elimination of human lives in Igboland by her Majestic rulership. She must have heard the painful cry of over 1 million innocent babies, pleading for vengeance. At least, she must be lying lifelessly like the lifeless bodies of 4.3 million Igbos killed under her nefarious command and watch.


I saw nothing in Queen but a desperate, soulless and wicked carnivorous being who was smiling at each drop of blood in Igbo land until it reached 4.3 million drops of blood that pacified her satisfaction. Her government was interested in building a great Britain with blood of Ndigbo, (fellow Christians) all in her desperate and greedy adventure to build a hell in Nigeria, while she satirically erected a heaven in Britain


The 1967-70 ocean of blood that up until this moment, flows around Biafra land is currently resting upon the bed of the Queen. And I ask; how can she Rest in Peace(RIP), when her selfish quest to exploit Africa resulted in the blood bath of Innocent Biafrans?


How can she Rest in Peace, when what they planted in Nigeria have not brought peace in Nigeria? It has made Nigeria the most vulnerable country in the world; a country where religion and ethnic crisis is the order of the day.

From L-R: Queen Elizabeth 11; Biafra agitators and Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, the national president of Ohanaeze Youths Council.

    From L-R: Queen Elizabeth 11; Biafra agitators and Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, the national president of Ohanaeze Youths Council.


The 1967-70 “Pool of Blood” in Igbo land that left many children fatherless and motherless and most parents childless which was the brain child of Queen, shall till eternity, remain ever green in our hearts. Yes, she perpetrated that in her bid to satisfy her love for natural resources in Biafra land.

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They spilled the blood of our fathers, mothers, children, brothers and sisters in exchange for oil. Yes it was an exchange of oil for oil, the oil from Biafra land and the oil(Blood) from the flesh of Biafra people. It’s the oil(our crude) that glitters the Queen’s face, as she fed on our natural resources and the oil-blood of Biafrans that shrank her face.

At each moment, Queen painted her face, she coated her lips with oil-blood of innocent Biafra that died in the pool of blood. At each time I saw the Queen, her redish lips I had a reminiscence of the ocean of blood that flowed in Biafra land from for three consecutive years, (1967-70).


A Queen that was not moved by the death of minors, infants, pregnant women which made our teenagers suddenly become adult by order of necessity just to defend Biafra land. Yes, Igbo teenagers from 12 to 19 years volunteered to defend Biafra land while the Queen smile with venom to crush this infant soldiers with her foreign alliance.


The Queen has slept not to wake up again. She has joined the 4.3 Biafrans. She made Biafra land, the land of skeletons, the land of skulls. I wonder what is going on in the underworld now; there must be an outburst of terrorism in the land of the dead with the arrival of the world’s best known bloody Queen! A vicious killer!!


The Queen groans and roars in her Majestic apparel when the Nigerian Soldiers she equipped with sophisticated war weapons, played with heads of infant Biafran soldiers they killed like metrix shoot and dribbling of Jay Jay Okocha, chanting a victorious songs. All Hail the Queen!


Had it been she was a mother of peace, that looked on the surface of the earth with the eyes of love, no blood could have been shed in Biafra land, but she was a mother that exalted her throne more dearly than human life.

The Queen was patriotic to British Government than being humanistic; empathy disappeared in her heart, because African(Igbo) blood meant nothing to her.


The Queen ought to know that the new generation of Igbo extraction is in severe pains in retrospect of the horrors of the story of genocide, a holocaust approach like the Jewish.


Oh! This is indeed a sober moment to us; the death of the Queen to me is simply a reflection of the death of 4.3 Igbos killed. We are in a sober reflection, but not because the Queen is dead. We have been thrown into a state of wonderment as to whether she received a royal welcome in land of the dead.


All those innocent victims of Biafra genocide could have offered the world the best service to humanity and I ask again; Wouldn’t the innocent Igbo kids that died under kwashiorkor mob her? I still wonder.


I am always engulfed in goose pimples whenever I reflect on the “OPERATION NO MERCY: SHOOT AT SIGHT”, a military operations code for the elimination of the remaining civilians in Igbo land by 3rd Marine Commando from Portharcourt under the command of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo that eliminated Igbo men, women, little children and school children.


The most horrific of it all was when those military vampires led by Olusegun Obasanjo approached Mbaise. Without mercy, they maimed and killed innocent school children who were on returning home from school. The most miracle that took place in this massacre was the “SAY YOUR LAST PRAYER ORDER” an order the Queen Sucking bloody soldiers gave to some innocent school girls before shooting them dead. The soldiers had approached one of the school girls, Miss Chinwe Ohaeri asked her to say her last prayer, ( meaning that the school girl Miss Chinwe Ohaeri should conduct her funeral before they kill her ). This last prayer order befell the innocent school girl at Mbaise in the present Imo State, under the command of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo who fired several bullets into the body of innocent school girl at Okpofe Mbaise with just Miss Chinwe Ohaeri as the only survivor of that gruesome attack.

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The then Miss Chinwe Ohaeri is now Prof. Chinwe Obaji who brought many education reformations into the Ministry of Education at the shortest sketch of time she became the Minister of Education under the same emotionless and brutal Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, who had ordered the firing of several bullets into her body. There were the likes of this personality we lost during this genocide.

The so called Nigeria-Biafra Civil war was against the International standard and principle of war; Nigeria government with the aid of the Queen breached every principle of war. Their war target was on innocent civilians, bombing of Civilians’ space such like churches, schools and markets.

I wouldn’t forget in a hurry the bombing of Owerinta market that left over 100 civilians dead, and many injured. Uzuakoli market, Ozuabam market in Arochukwu all in Abia State was bombed, the Russian Air-bombers hired by Queen, opened the skulls and brain of helpless civilians and shattered same for vultures to feed on them. Okigwe National High School was bombed, living innocent students dead, many injured, the scars and remnants are still there.

It pleased the Queen that over two hundred (200) Biafran Soldiers who reported at the end of the Genocide (war) was slaughtered in Portharcourt by the same 3rd Marine Commando under Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo command. What a Queen!

This is also like the October 1967 Osowa Ogbe Asaba massacre by Nigeria 2nd Division under Murtala Mohammed, during which Ibrahim Haruna and Ibrahim Taiwo slaughtered over Seven hundred (700) Igbos especially male children, adult male, in a disguised gathering to address them. This depredating act still traumatize Ndigbo, yet the perpetuators the Queen and cohort toast cup of celebration at Buckingham Palace, the cup of wine signifies the blood of Innocent Biafrans


The agony of Ndigbo was reflected on the letter Gov. Akanu Ibiam wrote to Queen in 1967. Ibiam in a hard pain-heart exclamation stated thus: “It is simply staggering for a Christian country like Britain to help a Moslem country militarily to crush another Christian country like Biafra. This is just too much for me, Your Gracious Majesty. This act of unfriendliness and treachery by the British Government towards the people of Republic of Biafra who, as Eastern Nigerians, had so much regard for Britain and British people.


Continuing, Ibiam wrote: “In the circumstance, Your Majesty, I no longer wish to wear the garb of the British Knighthood. British fair play, British justice, and the Englishman’s word of honour which Biafra loved so much and cherished has become meaningless to Biafrans in general and to me in particular. Christian Britain has shamelessly let down Christian.

I love the Republic of Biafra very dearly and pray that, by the grace of God, she may remain and continue to grow and live and always act like a true Christian country for all times”.

Like shortest verse in the bible” Jesus Swept” And “Ibiam wept” to British Government those that honoured him with Highest honor, yet his passionate letter couldn’t move the Queen’s heart, but she locked and hardened her heart, just like the biblical Pharaoh.


The Imperial Majesty of Queen has left historical scars in our existence. And I ask: Can they look forward on how to atone and appeal to Igbo New generation for her sins of 1967 to 1970? A reconciliation is possible if Britain can do the needful, their sins can be forgiven.


Will those who subjugated the Africans and killed her fathers and mothers and kids in Igboland find peace in God ever?


Rest in peace(RIP) is a farewell message for those who built Peace in the World and not vicious killers like Queen Elizabeth 11!


Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka

National President Ohanaeze Youth Council

September 11, 2022

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