A Detribalised, Benign Being: An Example Of Senator Onwe                                                             … Things you might not know about the man, Onwe

Senator Emmanuel Onwe
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A Detribalised, Benign Being: An Example Of Senator Onwe                                                             … Things you might not know about the man, Onwe



The very first attraction about Senator Emmanuel Onwe is the clarity with which he articulates and communicates his points, and the fluidity with which his tongue glides to the glory of the English language.

Whether he was making the case for restructuring or addressing a federal allocation formula that is heavily skewed in favour of the centre, he delivers like a seasoned technocrat schooled in the finest art of sophisticated oratory.

The life of Senator Onwe is an examplary of a profile in intellect, oratory and virtuosity.

One aspect of the man anyone encountering him for the first time would first notice about him is his innately affable nature, his ability to flow with people irrespective of class or orientation and his assertive disposition on topical national issues.

What makes the man continue to gather steam despite his long absence from the scene is a story that could cover volumes. Those who have encountered him from a close range have testimonies that could last a lifetime.

But it is not just the socio-political height that he has attained including the position of member of the Nigerian senate that makes him tick: he has made tremendous impacts on the lives of people irrespective of tribe, religion, geography, gender, social status or political affiliation. His generosity and philanthropy is legendary, often devoid of the patronizing, condescending and demanding features that philanthropists display. You sense that he genuinely wants to provide opportunities for people to utilize their potentials and earn a decent means of livelihood often without expecting anything in return.

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His perfume of human kindness, and large heartedness spreads beyond Ikwo Noyo clan to the remotest part of Nguzu Edda. He is a man whose generosity beams across brightly across all the political spectrum and divide. He is a phenomenon with an ineffable sense of value in the heart of the people. They love him. They’re passionate about him.

Dr Onwe is a captivating leader with tentacles and reaches far deeper than society could imagine. He is a man with toughened political tendons, tried and trusted, proven over time to be capable of wrestling a prey from the mouth of a lion. He has a daring, obstinate and inscrutable heart of a lion that does not succumb to intimidation. He is a goal-getter, a warrior, a political generalissmo, and an avatar.

In the first few weeks as a Senator in 2010, Onwe co-sponsored several motions, including a motion mandating President Goodluck Jonathan to concentrate more on intelligence gathering as a tool in combating terrorism following the bomb blast in Abuja on the occasion of the celebrations marking fiftieth anniversary of Nigeria’s independence anniversary on October 1, 2010.

He has a perfect understanding of the language of politics in the Nigerian environment. He speaks the language very perfectly to the bewilderment of the aged and experienced actors in the field.

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As Commissioner for Information (appointment on merit), he injected vitality to what was before now a lacklustre organisation and marched the ministry from obscurity to international limelight.

Onwe was born in Ebonyi State. He received his early education at Our Lady of Fatima (later renamed the Community Primary School) in Ikwo and the Presbyterian Secondary School, Abakaliki in Anambra State.

He studied law on a scholarship at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he earned his bachelor’s degree. After his graduation, he entered University College London, where he embarked on postgraduate studies in law.

He also trained as a barrister at the Inns of Court School of Law in London. He was admitted to the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in 1999 and called to the English Bar. While at the Inns of Court School of Law, Onwe received the Sir Thomas More Award. He later undertook his pupillage at Two Garden Court Chambers, Middle Temple, London.

Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Onwe is a lawyer, human rights activist, and former member of the Nigerian Senate.

Senator Emmanuel Onwe
Senator Emmanuel Onwe

Onwe is also the author of the book ‘Serpents and Doves,’ which was published in 2009, and a columnist with the New Telegraph newspaper.

Put him up for senatorial, governorship or for the presidency, his opponents will definitely catch fire, because he is world class apart from the rest.

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