(OPINION) The Bridge: The Man With Top-notch Leadership Traits …On Equity And Merit We Stand!a

Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru
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(OPINION) The Bridge: The Man With Top-notch Leadership Traits
…On Equity And Merit We Stand!

There is no doubt that Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru, The Bridge, is an astute Administrator, his public and private sectors’ lives speak volumes to this fact.

Mgbeahuru’s reigns as the Chairman of Osisioma Ngwa LGA evidently brought much more sanity, dignity, discipline and top-notch leadership in our Land more than we have ever thought or imagined.

Hon. Ihenyinna Mgbeahuru
Hon. Ihenyinna Mgbeahuru

As an astute leader who leaves footprints to be followed by the led, the Bridge does not take no for an answer as far as work and dedication to duties are concerned.

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In a nutshell, I will describe him as a strong voice to listen to, a known face to follow, a wise man to learn from and a prepared man to walk the political latitudes with.

If voted into the legislature come 2023, he will be the voice for the voiceless, a Legislative Architect enough, as he was a well-meaning Executive Icon not too long ago.

The Bridge is not only intelligent and ebullient, but also much more wise, enormously articulate, naturally charismatic and physically energetic. The Bridge is a leader per excellence, hence he knows the way, goes the way and shows others the way.

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Hon. Iheyinna Mgbeahuru is the man of the moment and the man to beat at the next polls.

l, therefore, solicit all hands to be on deck to ensure victory for him and true emancipation of our land from political backwardness, stagnation and misrepresentation.
You know why?
The Bridge is also the “UGO SI NA CHI 1”

He is the real man, ready man and exact man with enormous political war chest LGA correct mindset to face the job of Osisioma Ngwa North State Constituency come 2023.

~Engr Precious Agua, is ‘Iheyinnafied’ & writes from Osisioma Ngwa LGA

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