Peter Obi: Mbaka’s Prophecies Landed Us  In ‘Purgatory-  Rev. Fr. *You can only play God but never be God- Nollywood Actor Aki blasts Mbaka

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Peter Obi: Mbaka’s Prophecies Landed Us  In ‘Purgatory-  Rev. Fr.
*You can only play God but never be God- Nollywood Actor Aki blasts Mbaka

A Catholic priest, Rev Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, has called on Nigerians to ignore the recent prophecy by the founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka, against the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Mbaka, an Enugu based Catholic priest, had described Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour as a tight-fisted man, insisting that former Governor of Anambra State would never emerge as Nigerian President in 2023. So

Mbaka’s description of the Labour Party candidate as “too stingy has elicited reactions from Obi’s teaming supporters within the country and in diaspora.

“It is better to have a president who is a gifted old man than a stingy young man,” the cleric said about Obi on Wednesday at his ministry’s gathering in Enugu.

Among Nigerians who could not hide their displeasure with the seemingly derogatory statement of the priest was Fr. Kelvin, a Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Malawi.

The Malawi based Revd. Fr. posted on his verified Facebook page that such prophecies had plunged the entire nation into ‘purgatory’ in previous election years.

It would be recalled that Mbaka had in 2015, declared that President Muhammadu Buhari was a messiah chosen by God to take the country to its promised land, a prophecy that has launched Nigerians into an obvious state of despondency.

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However, the controversial priest had, however, attacked Buhari’s government over alleged corruption, stating that the president was being controlled by some cabals in the Aso Rock.

According to Fr Kelvin, in the past, we have listened to self-acclaimed prophets tell us who to vote for. We tried them many times, but they landed us in purgatory. This time around, we have decided not to follow prophecies. On the stingy comment by Mbaka, Fr Kelvin opined that Nigerians had “tried candidates that used to share money. We voted for those that will distribute oils, Maggi, indomie, and 1k before the camera, but it landed us in hell”. “This time around, we have vowed never to listen to any self-acclaimed prophet and their prophecies. We are not saying prophecy is not good, but we are saying that the biggest prophecy from God in the 2023 election is for us to use our common senses, which God gave us. “Finally, we have also vowed not to give shishi when you don’t merit it. We will not bribe anybody. We will not be wasteful. Shishi you will not see unless we see the importance of the project to the masses”.

Similarly, Actor Chinedu Ikedieze has condemned Enugu-based Catholic priest Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka’s statement about presidential aspirant Peter Obi.

Reacting to the vituperative statement of Mbaka, Actor Chinedu said in an Instagram post on Thursday, Chinedu Ikedieze noted that he was surprised Mbaka would make such an ‘unreasonable misguided statement’ about Mr Obi.

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The famous Aki na Pawpaw Actor added that Mbaka can assume the role of God but he can never be God.”

He wrote: “You see why it is diffcult to put Nigeria on the global pedestal. I’m surpiresd to see that the suposedly revered people, mightily known and respected would make unreaonbale misguided statement such as this. Thats not fair. You can play God but you can never be IMG 20220616 213937

Chinedu Ikedieze
Chinedu Ikedieze

Weighing in on the matter, actor Junior Pope Odonwodo wrote: “Let PETER OBI be stingy and let the land and economy heal, recover, rejuvenate………only lazy people would want to wait for free chops, free food, free money…… NIGERIANS are hard-working people, create a healthy working environment and see the prosper, and progress.

“Just imagine Nigeria at the moment, A country that provides nothing to her citizens (basic amenities) and yet see how NIGERIANS are surviving……. Now close your eyes and imagine what will happen when the government gives us STEADY POWER SUPPLY, SECURITY, WATER, GOOD ROADS etc.

Other supporters stated that the attribute of stinginess assures them that Obi will not give bribes. Others have also posted photos of Obi donating funds to schools in the south-east to show Mbaka’s claims are false.


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